To develop a bright modern label dietary supplement “KT-Sport”. On the label, it was necessary to emphasize the target audience of products – sports men, purchasing dietary supplements in stores and pharmacy kiosks.

The label should be modern, stylish and stand out from competing products.

Modern label design


A team of creative designers and marketers of the TSD company reviewed samples of labels from leading sports companies specializing in dietary supplements. During the study, it was noted that in dietary sports supplements, bright colors are used predominantly, mainly red, yellow, orange.

Therefore, in the new label it was decided to deviate from the generally accepted trend towards a more contrasting and catchy color scheme – a combination of blue, black and metallic shades. A white jar instead of the traditional black jar was also proposed.


The concept of sports equipment became the basis of the concept for the future label, the metallic modulations remind him associatively. Black and white photo and blue color focus on the male audience, that is, the consumer of this dietary supplement.

After a series of label design options, the final label was born, harmoniously combined with a white surface.