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фирменный стиль, Corporate identity development

Elements of corporate identity and stages of development

The main elements of corporate identity: logo, corporate fonts, corporate colors, slogan.

Stages of corporate identity development:

– Analysis of the company and target audience
It involves the collection and processing of information about the company, its activities, main goals and values. Thanks to this stage, a unique positioning strategy is formed. Studying the target audience helps determine the design and concept of corporate identity.

– Competitor analysis
Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate identity of competing companies helps to create the right, working design with exclusive content.

– Creating a concept
The stage at which color content, corporate fonts, and general style are developed and selected.

– Development of corporate identity elements
Development of all the main and auxiliary elements of corporate identity. Preparation of advertising and souvenir products.

Brandbook development
The concept of “brand book” implies an internal corporate code of practice for the use of corporate identity.

– Obtaining a patent
Protects corporate identity elements from unauthorized use by others.

Corporate identity redesign

Everything in our world does not last forever, and even the most ideal logo and corporate identity can become outdated or lose consumer interest.

The best solution in such a situation would be rebranding the logo and redesigning the corporate identity. The reasons for making a decision to upgrade branding may be such moments:

  • logo and corporate identity have lost their modern look;
  • the concept of the company changes;
  • change of leadership;
  • corporate identity does not bring the desired result.

Redesign helps to renew and improve brand performance. Return or build customer loyalty and, accordingly, increase profits.

фирменный стиль, Corporate identity development
фирменный стиль, Corporate identity development

Benefits of creation a corporate identity in TCD Design Studio

Our company provides a full range of services: from the logo creation to developing a corporate identity. To come up with naming and a brand from scratch is not a problem for us. We fill every new task with creativity and creativity. We are a team of professionals who are ready to realize and develop your most incredible ideas.
We are open to communication and new ideas. The discussion of the project takes place over a cup of coffee in a comfortable office directly with a designer who understands your desires. We invite you to personally evaluate our professionalism and hospitality! See you at TCD Design Studio!

Order corporate identity (Kyiv)

You can always order corporate identity development for your company in Kyiv in the TCD design studio at our website, using the contact information on the Contacts page.