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Brand book for your company

The brand book of the company is the most important component for positioning your brand on the market. It is a document that not only describes the concept of the company, attributes, indicates the target audience, as well as market positioning.
One of the most important parts in the development of a brand book is a detailed guide to the corporate identity, where we take into account all the necessary advertising media for applying your logo, slogan, advertising banners and other promotional materials.
In the company’s brand book, the mission, philosophy, personality and values ​​of the company are systematically presented.
The main objective of the company’s brand book is to create an integrated brand picture, as well as recommendations for use in order to create a holistic brand perception by consumers. Without a brand book, it is not clear in which direction the company is moving, what materials are used, in which colors and why.
And a passport of standards allows you to effectively create a corporate identity. The brand book of the company ensures maximum coordination between the various departments working to promote the product. Without a brand book, marketers and designers will begin to offer their subjective vision, which will significantly reduce the speed of processes. Of course, a variety of approaches can be of great benefit, but most likely, you will encounter opposing opinions that will ultimately confuse both employees and the customer.
By creating a brand book, you will be able to quickly orient new employees to a number of tasks to promote the brand, as well as effectively monitor processes. In the future, when the company goes through the search for new positioning solutions, it’s precisely a well-structured brand book that will become the basis for such a development.

How much does the brand book development cost?

You will find many offers on the market, such as Brand Brand Development, Create Brand Book, and others, but the prices vary greatly. And this is no coincidence. After all, the cost of developing a brand book is determined by the individual characteristics of the brand, the need to draw more layouts for various types of advertising space.
You can make a brand book cheaper than its average market value, if there is no need for details. For example, for a small company that intends to use a minimal set of advertising tools.

, Brandbook Development
, Brandbook Development

Why is it better to develop a brand book in TCD Design Studio?

We are a team of illustrators, designers, photographers, flexography technologists, marketers and other masters of their craft, creating brands with a high reputation and level of trust.

We will offer you and realize the most incredible design ideas today!

Even if you once ordered a brand book already in another studio and were unsatisfied with the result, we are ready to give you a unique opportunity to get a new modern brand book that will satisfy all your requests for a corporate identity.

Order a brandbook (Kyiv)

You can always order high-quality professional brandbook for your company or product in Kyiv in the TCD design studio at our website, using the contact information on the Contacts page.