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Company Brandbook is the most important component for positioning your brand in the market. It is a document in which not only the company’s concept, attributes, target audience, but also market positioning are described.
One of the most important parts in the development of a brand book is a detailed guide to corporate identity with all the necessary advertising media for applying your logo, slogan, banner ads and other promotional materials.
In the company’s brand book, the mission, philosophy, individuality and values of the company are presented in a systematic way.

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The main task of the company brandbook is to create a picture of the brand, as well as recommendations on how to use it in order to create a holistic perception of the brand by consumers. Without a brand book, it is unclear in which direction the company’s development is moving, what materials are used, in which color solutions and why.

Also company brandbook allows you to effectively create corporate identity. Company brandbook ensures maximum consistency between the various departments working on product promotion. Without a brandbook, marketers and designers will begin to offer their subjective vision, which will significantly reduce the speed of processes. Of course, a variety of approaches can be of great benefit, but most likely you will have to confront opposing opinions, which will eventually confuse both employees and the end user.

By creating a brandbook, you can as quickly as possible orient new employees to perform a number of tasks to promote the brand, as well as effectively control the processes. In the future, when the company will go through the stage of searching for new solutions for positioning, it is precisely the qualitatively structured brand book that will become the basis for such development.

What is included in the creation of the brand book?

Mandatory components of the brand book structure are the following sections:

  • Brand story.
  • Brand story.
  • Corporate sign and logo.

Section “Brand story”

This part of the passport of standards includes important information on the mission, values of the company, strategy of brand promotion in the market, as well as the target audience. The scope of the section depends on the objectives of the organization. Many people underestimate this section, but it is key to brand positioning.

Section “Visual design”

A detailed description of the logo, including its color, location, possible proportions, size, and even examples of misuse.

• Section “Corporate sign and logo”
In the same way as in the visual design, the color solutions and the scope of their application are described.

• In the subsection “Color solutions”, both primary and secondary colors are described in detail, as well as their permissible combinations.

• • In the “Font design”, all fonts proposed for headings and main parts of the text are written in detail.

• “Photo” – we describe the style of photos, as well as detailed recommendations for working with images.

• Other graphic data – various textures, drawings and icons.

• Languages – describes the main languages in which communication with customers is planned.

• Grammar, text layout – abbreviations and titles are written.

• Stylistics, readability – the priority style of texts is indicated, for example, technical or not, official or jargon texts, as well as orientation to intricate sentences or, on the contrary, short and simple. Long before the appearance of the first selling content in the brandbook describes how these materials will be – logical or emotional, serious or humorous. All this will help bring the tools to promote the brand to the desired uniformity and efficiency.

• E-mail – yes, do not be surprised, even the structure of a typical e-mail to customers and partners is registered in the brand book.

• Social networks – in the brand book indicates the time of publication, types of posts, as well as their purpose.

brand book developmentIn the process of creating a brand book, always create copies of the layouts of the original project. The original version will help, if necessary, “roll back” to the primary values. Brandbook design should be visually attractive, but at the same time without unnecessary details. Stick to the golden rule – it is better to spend more time at the development stage than to face unexpected surprises.

After you have a draft ready, you should show it to an independent specialist. Remember that the finished document should be the most profitable to represent the trademark, and not your personal preferences.
Marketers recommend reviewing and updating the brand book once a year.

What is the development of the brand book costs?

You will find a lot of offers on the market, such as “Brandbook development”, “Create a brandbook” and others, however, at the price of the proposal they vary greatly. And this is not by chance. After all, the cost of developing a brand book is determined on the basis of the individual characteristics of the brand, the need to draw a greater number of layouts for various types of advertising space.

You can make a brand book and cheaper than its average market value, if there is no need for details. For example, for a small company that intends to use a minimal set of advertising tools.

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