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There are comfortable people like a house. You hug them and understand: I am at home.
, February 2021
, February 2021

Cape Horn


55°58′48″S 67°17′21″W


Cape Horn (Spanish: Cabo de Hornos) – the southernmost point of the continent of South America, located on the island of Horn, south of Tierra del Fuego. Discovered in 1616 by Dutch sailors Jacob Lemer and Willem Schouten. The cape was named the hometown of Schauten – Horn.

The ideal team to live on the island – family: husband, wife and two children. The military caretaker is responsible for the operation of the lighthouse and conducts meteorological observations. The wife enters in the journal information about the ongoing courts.

At the Cape Horn weather station there is a book of reviews in leather binding, which contains records of sailors, yachtsmen and tourists from many countries who have visited this part of the world.