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Development of a logo. Creation of a company logo

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We do Logo design every day. Just look around. How many brand names do you see? Why create so many logos and why is creating a logo so important? Let’s understand why you should order a logo.

Logo – a visual image identifying a product or brand. This is a unique symbol that reflects the main idea or the main direction of the company. The development of a good logo contributes to the promotion and development of business. Sometimes companies spend a lot of money on logo design, and if everything is done with high quality and professionalism, then the cost of Logo is fully justified. As a result, you have an asset in the form of a logo that works for you every day.

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Tough market competition and constant fight for customer’s loyalty does not leave room for any error. Creating the logo should be taken deliberately and seriously. Creating such an important attribute is better to provide professionals and order a logo in TCD DesignStudio.

What types of logos are there?

text logo development

Making a Text Logo

Such logos are represented by words or letters in the corporate font. They are fairly easy to remember, and you can come up with a logo simply using the words from the company name.
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Symbol Logo

Very common type of logos. Designed as a symbol that brings about certain ideas about a product or service.
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Composite Logos

The design of such a logo includes both symbols and text, combining the two previous views.
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More complex type of logos. The textual name of the company is placed within a specific form.
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Alphanumeric logo

The initials or specific letters of the name help to create a logo. Often used by companies with long or difficult to pronounce names.

What properties should an ideal logo have?

At any stage of logo design, you may encounter difficulties in complying with all rules and requirements. But you need to understand that design is a world in which there are no boundaries!
The principles and rules of creating a logo are the basis of the cake, which we carefully decorate with creativity and creativity. So let’s analyze them in more detail.


Brands that are using the simplest of designs in their logo are known around world. Such logos are easy to remember and recognize even on a very small scale. So try to avoid lots of detail, fonts and colors.


New trends come and go. Style and fashion change from year to year. But all these changes should not affect your logo. It should be beyond of time, the only way it will serve you for tens, and maybe hundreds of years.


Being the intergal part of the corporate identity logo should look great on both letterhead and on a huge banner. Logo design should be carried out only in a vector format, otherwise scaling can lead to deterioration of the image quality. You should also pay attention to how your logo looks in black and white.


Company logos must be unique. Before you make a logo, you must make sure that you do not copy someone else’s idea. Even the most beautiful logo is worth of nothing if it is a rip off.
Fonts for a logo

How to create a logo with the right font?

Today, the Internet offers a huge number and variety of fonts. In order to avoid mistakes in the selection, you should follow the following rules:

  • Do not overload the logo with more than two fonts;
  • Choose a font that matches your text;
  • Pay attention to the matching font style of the company;
  • Refrain from using standard, hackneyed fonts;
  • Aim for harmony of fonts and other logo elements.

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