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Creating a corporate identity is no easy task! Logo, fonts, company colors, slogan are all mandatory components of the identity and corporate style of the company. Identity is unique elements that identify a specific organization. Today, the development and growth of any business is highly dependent on a clearly defined and well-developed corporate style. Visual recognition of the brand on the market is the main task that is put in the development of corporate identity.

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The main elements of corporate identity:

  • Logo
  • Corporate fonts
  • Brand colors
  • Tagline

corporate identity elements

Stages of development of corporate identity:

1. Analysis of the company and target audience

It involves the collection and processing of information about the company, its activities, main goals and values. Due to this stage a unique positioning strategy is formed. The study of the target audience helps to determine the design and concept of corporate identity.

2. Competitor Analysis

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate identity of competing companies helps to create the right, working design with exclusive content.

3. Concept creation

The stage at which they develop and select color content, corporate fonts, general style.

4. Development of corporate identity elements

Development of all main and auxiliary elements of corporate identity. Preparation of advertising and souvenirs.

5. Brandbook development

The concept of “brandbook” implies a corporate set of rules on the use of corporate identity.

6. Getting a patent

Protect corporate identity from unauthorized use by others.

Especially important is the development of corporate style for companies operating in the retail market for products or services of mass use. Therefore, we’ll dwell on these areas in a little more detail.

Development of corporate style cafe and restaurant

The development of corporate style cafe, in addition to the above elements takes into account many additional points.

In fact, this is literally everything that the client sees. Starting with the exterior, which the visitor assesses primarily, ending with napkins and lunchboxes. This is a style that can be traced literally everywhere: dishes, furniture, music, and even smells. A unique, interesting idea should be traced in every detail, so it creates the necessary impression and popularity.

Creating a hotel corporate style

The peculiarity of the hotel business is that the client cannot personally evaluate your efforts in advance. His choice is based on advertising and information, which is posted on the Internet, magazines, catalogs. Therefore, hotels need to make sure that a potential visitor, evaluating the information, appreciated the corporate identity even from a distance. Each contact should contain elements of the brand, but at the same time the corporate identity should not be too intrusive.

Corporate identity redesign

Everything in our world is not forever, and even the most ideal logo and corporate identity can become outdated or lose consumer interest.

The best solution in this situation would be the rebranding of the logo and the redesign of the corporate identity.The reason for the decision to update the branding may be such moments:

  • Logo and corporate style have lost their modern look.
  • Changes to the very concept of the company
  • Management change
  • Corporate identity does not bring the desired result.

Redesign helps to update and improve brand performance. Return or increase customer loyalty, and accordingly increase profits.

Benefits of creating corporate identity with TCD DesignStudio

Our company provides a full range of services: from logo creation to the development of turnkey corporate identity. To come up with naming and brand from scratch is not a problem for us. We fill each new task with creativity and creativity. We are a team of professionals ready to embody and develop your most incredible ideas.

What to start with? Contact us and we will guide you through the process.

We are open to communication and new ideas. The discussion of the project takes place over a cup of coffee in a cozy office directly with a designer who understands your desires. We invite you to personally evaluate our professionalism and hospitality! We are waiting for you in TCD DesignStudio!

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