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, May 2021
, May 2021



38.6875°S 176.0694°E


Taupō is a town on the shore of Lake Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand. The town is the largest urban area and seat of the Taupo District, and the second-largest urban area in the Waikato region behind Hamilton.

On the lakeshores an of the same name city Таупо is located. His fence surrounding villages are covered by the thickets of the coniferous and beech beechen forests, ferns and unique bushes. At back of lake there are geothermal sources. Таупо famously and rock-carving. In particular bas-relief of Māori  on the rock of Майне- Бэй, on that the represented person. In a height it is more than 10 meters and seeing him is possible only getting to him on a boat, cutter or kayak.

Жюль Verne described the and lake of Таупо, and legend of his appearance in the novel “Children of captain of Underback”.
Jules Verne
The Children of Captain Grant