Create a label for two types of DAKISHVILI wines: AmberWhite and RedDryWine.


The main European wine producers, the USA and Georgia, were carefully analyzed in the middle and high price range for a selected group of consumers (young progressive people aged 30 and over).

Dakishvili wine label


Designers of the TSD company offered several options for a creative wine label. Initially, it was proposed to focus on the rich traditions and culture of Georgia as a member of the Old World winemaking. So there was an option with a map of the country, cramped gold.

Task - create a wine label

Later, several more options were developed, but the minimalist-style label with the company’s owner’s fingerprint was recognized as the best.


The label concept of Dakishvili wine was formed from the dream of its founder – to leave its mark on the history of winemaking, the work of his whole life.

Wine label for Dakishvili company

The visual effects developed by TSD designers were realized with the help of screen printing – a fingerprint of the owner of the family winery was printed on the label, and a place was provided for his personal signature on each of the bottles.
The conceptual label of Dakishvili wine was awarded the honorary award Ukrainian Label 2017.

Label for a Dakishvili winedth=