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Label Design for Alcoholic Products – “Chacha” Lionidzis Zvari


Lionidzis Zvari




Wine labels


Chacha is a famous strong Georgian drink that belongs to the brandy class. This alcoholic drink is so important for Georgia that in 2011 the authorities even filed a patent for chacha.

Designing a label for a chacha is not an easy design challenge. After all, the label should combine authenticity, recognition, as well as resonate with centuries-old Georgian traditions.


The design of the chacha label was carried out in several directions. The basis for one of the label’s options was mountain landscapes, which create a stable visual association with the product’s homeland – Georgia.

The options of Chacha Gold were also worked out in a minimalistic seasoned style, focused on the middle and VIP segment of customers.

The result is a beautiful label designed in an original authentic design. Wine paper in combination with screen varnish and silver paint highlighted the majestic mountains of the Caucasus.

We are proud that the Chacha Gold label, developed by a professional team of designers, technologists and prepress specialists at Technologies of Modern Design (TSD), became the winner of the prestigious Ukrainian Label 2019 competition in the Self-adhesive Label nomination.

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