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Label design for LC Trade Poland tubes


LC Trade Poland





Research and Result

The key vector in the development of the label was the understanding that these products will be distributed on the trading floors of the European market, in particular in Poland. When we started the task, we clearly understood that the label should not obscure the goods in the tube. After all, a transparent tube serves as a packaging for  both white and multi-colored confectionery molds. That is why combinations of laconic structure and successful contrast of colors have become significant components of our design.

The color scheme worked 100% since the market for this product is national colors, which positively affects the perception of consumers. In addition, these are the customer’s corporate colors and our “color bingo” is the perfect balance with the company logo.

Not to mention that the combination of white and red is a classic that will certainly attract the eye.

The graphic on the label – the outlined image of the confectionery mold – is imprinted by the visual association in the consumer’s memory and ensures the recognition of the image for our customer’s brand.