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Label redesign for TORTILLA household chemicals


The SIRENA group of companies






To design a modern label for eco-friendly household chemicals for house cleaning that will breathe new life to the brand and market it.

Research and result

The eco-friendly product line to keep the house clean is the manufacturer’s pride. The TDC design studio has taken into account the major customer’s requirements focused on the main benefits of the household chemicals, i.e. high quality, environmental performance, and full compliance with international standards. It has been considered taking a more contemporary approach to label design that keeps up with the latest trends of the world market and takes into account the preferences of a wide target audience. It has resulted in a good-looking and dynamic label design that captures customers’ attention and shows that the brand is environmentally-oriented.

The overall style of labels has completely changed. The color palette is full of deep and expressive colors. The new font as well as the vertical layout of the brand name makes the inscriptions more visible accentuating the brand and product itself. The contrast between the visual volume of the background image and the flat typography of the foreground creates an impression of a three-dimensional image.

Sales results

We implemented a comprehensive TORTILLA Trademark redesign which resulted in the sales figures of the brand products showed intensive dynamics at once and grew by 30% over the year. It’s an ultimate example of the fact that a quality product should be sold with a good label of a selling design.

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