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Label for wine company “Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli”


Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli




Wine labels


To develop a label for the wine products of the “House of the Twins” company (Georgia) for export to the world market and in particular to the Chinese market.

A team of TСD specialists studied the market for wine products in Georgia and internationally. Collected and analyzed hundreds of design solutions in the field of positioning wine labels in a competitive market.

Selection of options for the new label was carried out taking into account the psychological characteristics of the target audience of the product. The creative concept was implemented with the help of modern materials and special effects, which made the final label a real work of art.

As a result of the work on the wine labels for the “House of Twins” series of products, two main conceptual variants were identified. The first is positioned as a product for the Chinese market, the second is already on sale at international trading platforms.

In the final version of the wine label, it was decided to use the image of kvevri (a ceramic vessel for making wine) as a classic winemaking technique that has become traditional in the Caucasus. For a long time, Caucasian winemakers have been preparing wine in kvevri – it is with their help that a unique wine drink is obtained, which is so valued throughout the world.

The image of an old ceramic jug on the label at the same time emphasizes the connection of the wine from the “House of Twins” with the rich Georgian traditions, and also gives the product a special, sophisticated style.

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