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Label Design for Wortex Company Products




Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine


Labels design


Development of packaging and labels for the means of helminthiosis prevention of TM Wortex.

Research and Result

The TCD design studio specialists were given an interesting task – the development of label and packaging design for the Everad international company, which is engaged in the production of natural products for beauty and health. Each product of the company is not tied to the trademark, and therefore should have a unique and memorable packaging and label design, as well as be stylistically different from other company products.

A new product should stand out among the company’s vast assortment and at the same time immediately draw attention to itself, which is why developing a design for Everad products is not an easy task.

The task of developing the design of the label of a drug for the prevention of helminthiasis called “Vortex” (Wortex) immediately attracted the attention of TSD studio specialists. An interesting task, first of all, is that the product has a fairly high level of competition, so the design should be creative, noticeable. Secondly, the package must have a direct relationship with pharmaceuticals, as this is a matter of trust in the product. Thirdly, the target audience of the product is quite extensive, so the design should find a positive response in each of the target segments.

The main idea that was laid in our design for the product is to show a modern natural phytocomplex that can gently and quickly clean the body of potential customers from pests, and which you can trust in your health.

A neutral white background symbolizes the purity of the drug, and contrasting orange and deep blue colors indicate aggressive and beneficial microflora, respectively. The contrast between the patient’s unhealthy and healthy conditions is enhanced with a dividing white line that visually separates the blue and orange blocks of the composition.

The design turned out to be very bright, noticeable and memorable.

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