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Barrel kvass

Sergei Petrovich glanced through the open door. Michael, his grandson, who had come to visit for a couple of days, was sitting in front of the monitor. He looked serious and a little tired. Energy drinks and empty bags of chips were scattered around him.

“He is quite an American,”- Sergei Petrovich thought. “Well, new generation, different interests.” He went into the kitchen, took out a misted bottle of kvass from the fridge. It was real kvass, the taste of which he remembered from his childhood. And it was so amazing to buy it here in the American store!

When he saw the kvass label, he immediately remembered the hot summer, the bright sun, and the icy, foamy, delicious kvass from a yellow barrel on wheels. It was kvass which gave freshness and a feeling of boundless happiness to millions of people!

Many years have passed since Sergei Petrovich came to America. Life goes on as usual. He has another name. But sometimes the taste of real barrel kvass is recalled, a drink made of natural ingredients. And now he has remembered a carefree time full of small pleasures from goodies.

“What’s this, Grandad?” – Michael asked, coming up to Sergey Petrovich. “This is kvass. The best non-alcoholic drink of all time! Invigorating and delicious kvass! Do you want to try it? “. “Of course, Grandfather! This is really cool! And, please, tell me that story about …”

Years pass, generations and countries change but wonderful feelings and the best moments of life remain in the memory forever. And we always want to share these memories with everyone. Sometimes it is very easy to do. Just have a sip of kvass from your happy sunny summer!




About client:

The exclusive distributor of leading brands of Europe, India, and Israel in the United States.


A country:









Label designing for kvass (2 l) for a Russian-speaking consumer in the USA.

Client request

To use a nostalgic style in label design. To design a label that will grab the attention of the Russian speakers as well as the emigrants from the CIS and make them to keep jawing about the old days and to feel sentimental and nostalgic. The client provided the naming – “Barrel Kvass”

Design Trends

There is no such product as kvass in America. Therefore, there was a wide field for creativity within the retro framework specified by the client.


Children of immigrants do not know what flavored draft kvass is. We wanted to design a label at the sight of which people who immigrated to the United States would plunge into the atmosphere of their youth, feel the taste of that era and convey this halo, memorable moments of their homeland to the new generation.

The idea was based on retro styling. The appropriate font (Old Slavonic style) and color scheme (retro-Soviet style) were used for this goal.


We’ve designed a label for kvass which evokes associations with the wonderful moments of the past.
A good contrast lies in a black & white photo of the 60-70s and the bright yellow barrel. The image of the wheat ears on the label highlights the genuineness of the product, its closeness to nature, and compliance with the authentic recipe.

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