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Design for a Series of Labels for a Baby Soft Foam by Elect Trademark



Do you want to know the story about Raccoon, Lamb, and Panda and how does this wonderful team help parents and kids? All right, friends, listen up.

Once upon a time, there was a boy, an ordinary, cheerful, smart, and very fidgety child. He liked more than anything to be naughty and to play with friends, and least of all, he liked to wash his hands and to bathe. And do you think, why? Because he found it boring! After all, shampoo and soap are really not toys for children. There’s nothing interesting about them.

His parents thought a lot about what to do. And they realized that they need an assistant. So the boy got a new friend named Raccoon, a cute and mischievous lover of splashing in the water. He lived in the boy’s bathroom, right on a bath foam label. Looking at the Raccoon, it was tempting to frolic in the soft fragrant soap foam. Thanks to Raccoon, bathing became the best game for the little boy.

Besides, Raccoon has some friends named fluffy Panda and cute Lamb, fantastic companions for the babies. Now every child knows that swimming with such a team is great fun! As a result, both kids and parents are happy!



About the Customer:

Modern manufacture of cosmetic and perfume products








Designing a series of labels for a baby soft foam line.

Customer Request

Soft foam 3 in 1 for children is an innovative product of a unique composition on the Ukrainian cosmetic market. The product is intended for children. So the design must grab the attention of the target audience, i.e. parents and children under 12 years old. The design of the product should overlap with the famous cartoon heroes.

Design Trends

Getting started to implement the order, we’ve realized that the design of products for children is determined by the familiar and beloved cartoon heroes. At the same time, we focused on the most popular styles of presenting images: cute Lamb would be a perfect choice for the babies while anime like Panda would probably like all kids, and comic Raccoon would really enjoy boys.

Design Idea

The entire line is bright and familiar. The target audience should associate a product with at least one hero. Soft foam in the form of a cloud, where our heroes are bathing, features prominently in the storyline. The design is complemented by artistic images of air steps enhancing the impression of lightness and zero gravity.


The labels’ line has been designed so that it can be used for older age groups. It is possible to further evolve the hero’s story as well as his legend.
The manufacturers are satisfied that their products are liked by the kids. We are also delighted with the success of our design. After all, it is the TCD Design Studio experts who have designed that concept the target audience like, have created nice and cute images of the heroes, and have embodied them in wonderful labels for kids’ soft foam.
This series of soft foam labels for children is a logical outcome of our joint draft with the customer. Slightly earlier we designed the logo and developed a corporate identity for Elect Trademark. The LLC “POLIMERLAB”, our customer, realizes its products under the Elect brand.

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