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«Suluguni» Cheese Label Redesign

Choosing the cheese at the store showcase, Emma couldn’t make the right decision. She wanted something simple but at the same time, of high-quality and real. She was looking through one package of cheese to another but she didn’t stop at a particular one. Suddenly she saw what she was looking for.

A cheese label was elegant and non-catchy of pleasant natural colors. It had a drawing on it with the image of appetizing cheese on a wooden board and some bright grapes. The label appearance looked like really homespun cloth as if it was thin manual embroidery by dotted line along the edge with white thread. The drawing on the label looked thoroughly peasant-style, and fresh and attractive at the same time.

“Suluguni”, – Emma read the name of the cheese written in large beautiful fonts. The woman examined the label and saw the duplicate inscriptions in Georgian under the text. There was also a recognizable trademark logo on it.

“I have no doubt that this is a traditional Georgian cheese, a good, natural product produced by a reliable manufacturer,” – Emma thought ​​looking at the label. “And this is exactly what I need!”


TM Dobryana, Milkiland-Ukraine Company ordered by Rusfood


About customer:

Rusfood is the exclusive distributor of leading brands of Europe, India, and Israel in the United States.









Label, Cheese Label, Dairy Label, Redesign


Cheese Label Redesign for the American market.

Customer Request

The product label existing on the Ukrainian market does not reflect the origin of the product. ‘Suluguni’ cheese is a traditional Georgian fermented milk product. Therefore, the customer expressed its desire to stylize the label into the Georgian motives while retaining the link with the existing design.

Design Trends

Label and packaging design for ‘Suluguni’ cheese is generally similar in style. The label contains the logo of a manufacturing company or a trademark, the name of the product as well as an image designed to decorate the label and strengthen the emotional connection with the buyer.


To focus on the necessary details in the label design in order to the redesigned label looks great and unique, and to be distinct from the similar competitor’s labels.


A label has been redesigned and met the customer’s request depicting Georgian traditional motives. At the same time, the link with the previous label was retained through the color scheme.
The redesigned label grabs the attention of Russian-speaking consumers in America since the common style and symbolism evoke persistent associations, images, and wonderful moments of the past in mind which in turn has a positive impact on sales volumes.

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