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Foodmax - дизайн для бренда

FOODMAX brand label design






Logos, labels


The development of a recognizable label for the Foodmax company, which would stand out favorably on the Ukrainian meat products market and help increase sales.

Study and options

Recognition is one of the main characteristics of a successful brand. Therefore, when developing a new label for Foodmax, this criterion was taken as the basis. Bright and stylish design should certainly remain in the memory of the consumer, and at the same time blend harmoniously and naturally into the brand image.

An integrated approach to the task can be seen in the design of both the logo and the Foodmax label, made by TSD specialists. The brand is completely new, still unknown to the mass consumer, therefore, as they say, there was nothing to “catch” – positioning had to be created from scratch. It was very difficult, but on the other hand, the birth of a new brand is always an interesting challenge for our creators, which reveals new facets of creative imagination.

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