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“Gevelli Saperavi” wine label design


Lionidzis Zvari




Wine labels


Development of universal labels for wine exported to Europe and Asia. A prerequisite was the inclusion in the overall composition of the label of the family coat of arms, as well as a text block legend.


Since the customer’s products are aimed at a middle-income client and above, and should emphasize solidity and position in the premium segment, TSD designers decided to apply various effects for individual label elements. This is a voluminous varnish, and embossing, a combination of golden components on a dark background … We have previously studied the strict, classic samples already available on the market, which are designed in a serious, even conservative spirit.

The result is a series of memorable and at the same time fairly concise labels. On the front label, we see a combination of various font solutions, which together create a holistic picture that is easily distinguishable on supermarket shelves.

The music of gold on a black background, the poetry of convex volumetric elements on a matte surface – all this harmoniously complements the image of an elite drink that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gourmets.

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