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“Madam Wine” wine label






Wine label


Develop an original label for an exclusive “female” Georgian wine.


Since the client had no idea how to effectively declare himself in a country where winemaking is considered to be a purely masculine occupation, TSD specialists needed not only to do the actual label design, but also to consider ways to promote the product on the market. For this, the largest wineries of Kakheti, Gudauri and other regions of Georgia were studied, which allowed us to develop the most effective product positioning – “Made for women with a love of femininity”.


In each of the preliminary versions of the wine label there is an attempt of designers to reflect the bright feminine emotions embodied in sparkling young wine. Underlined femininity as the main promise of the brand is read in every element – from the logo to the general form of labels and product names.


The label design is very simple and at the same time – original. This combination of the designers of the company “Modern Design Technologies” was achieved thanks to the ease of strokes and the original placement of color accents.

The color of the label conveys the unpredictability and passion of the beautiful half of humanity embodied in the sophisticated MadamWine drink. The brand has been recognized by the general public at numerous exhibitions of winemaking.

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