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Packaging Design for Silver Food Trademark fish products

– I’d really like to eat fish! – Marina said. – I prefer a salty one! Just don’t buy the first thing you see. Buy the best option, please!

– Of course, honey, I’ll shop for the best one, – Valery replied going shopping and thought: “Okay, I’ll figure it out on the spot.”

The fish section was full of packages of various colors, designs, and brands. The man caught his breath and scarcely knew where to look next. “And what is the best fish here?”, – Valery thought while checking out the section. Suddenly, he saw a stylish package and took a deep breath. – “Here is what I’m seeking! Fresh and natural fish manufactured by the Silver Food Company!”

The laconic package looked more attractive than the others, and the fish inside seemed much more delicious and real. Vitamins and nutrients that fish contained were indicated on the packaging.

“Hmm, it’s not only tasty but also a healthy product. That’s great, I’ll buy it! “, – Valery thought and walked to the cash desk to pay for the purchase.


Silver Food LLC


About Customer:

This is one of the leading food industry enterprises in Ukraine that have formed Rusalochka Trademark and Silver Food Trademark to market their products.









Labels & Packaging, Seafood Labels, Fish Labels


Our task is to design the packaging, namely a series of waterproof cardboard sleeves with inserts for cut fish such as salmon slices, silver carp slices as well as a salmon fillet.

Customer Request

We got a request from a customer asking for help in promoting his product on the market.

The customer’s wishes were focused on ensuring that the packaging favorably would stand his products out on store shelves and visually underline the great benefits of these eco-friendly, rich in mineral and trace elements, and low-calorie foods manufactured for daily diet.

It was essential that the packaging for fish products looked laconic, and was made in a European style typical for the countries of Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Iceland, Poland so that a creative design solution would remain in the consumer’s memory.

When designing packaging, it was necessary to take into account the possibility of notching on the top of the sleeve for placement of a package on hanging supermarket displays.

Design Trends

Fish packaging design is often based on a fishing theme and includes appropriate images and symbols. Another direction is a focus on the product use, i.e. on the depiction of delicious fish dishes. In general, the packaging should make a good impression, be simple, clear to the customer, and associated with the freshness and quality of fishery products.


We have resolved to combine the graphic image of the fish with the real product appearance. This has been achieved by the fish drawing outline we depicted on the packaging that is easily identified by both fishing enthusiasts and ordinary customers. The circles placed around the fish drawing outline, denote vitamins and microelements contained in the product. We have used Bahnschrift font to print the product name. It is good readable from a distance, looks trendy, and fits into the general style.

The peculiar icon with the image of a freshly caught fish, as well as the “100% organic product, healthy food only” inscription, were specially created to stress the freshness and naturalness of the product.

The design of the backside of the package interacts with the front side by means of pointers. It prompts the person who has taken the package to reverse it up and learn more about the benefits of the product. The text on the backside is duplicated in 3 languages ​​- English, Ukrainian and Norwegian and includes detailed information about nutrients, product composition as well as information about the manufacturer.


Upon the agreement with the customer, it was decided to opt for the second version of the packaging design depicted with a fish drawing outline as the most versatile and suitable for all types of products. The design was finalized and approved. This design was also adapted to several packaging sizes.

As a result, we have got stylish, luxury, trendy, and memorable packaging for fishery products manufactured by the Silver Food Trademark that definitely highlights its special advantages and high quality.

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