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Label design for KOPA Bekauri Vineyards wine, Georgia

Jordan looked at the wine labels and recalled his trip to Georgia. A business trip had unexpectedly become one of the happiest moments of his life. The business appointment turned into an amazing meeting with a new country, new culture, and people.

“KOPA”, – Jordan read the wine name on the labels. Suddenly, he remembered the story of the wine origin which he had heard from the manufacturer. “KOPA means dishes made of wood and used in ancient times in Georgia. We were looking for some name related to the theme of wine in order to be easily pronounced in any language and decided to dwell on it..”

Being a good expert, Jordan was a super judge about label design. After all, he knew how this factor influenced the successful promotion of the product in the market. Looking at the labels for the KOPA wine, he realized: “This is truly a European-level product!” The design of the labels harmoniously combined the national flavor with classical sophistication.

Borjgali, the ancient Georgian symbol and a sign of vitality, was the center of the composition. The minimalist color scheme, emphasized by the contrast of matte and glossy elements and gold embossing, looked decent and trendy at the same time.

“It’s a great project!”, – Jordan thought, – “It’s new, ambitious and professional at the same time. I’m sure it will be a marvelous success!”


Bekauri Vineyards


About Customer:

Wine startup, a family-owned winery Bekauri Vineyards located in the Kakheti region. A company has set up a business in 2019 and now is ready to offer its products to wine connoisseurs.









Our task is to design a new sub-brand of Georgian wine.


Our task is to design a new sub-brand of Georgian wine.

Customer Request

The peculiarity of the customer’s request lies in combining Georgian symbolism and discreet elegance in one style.

Design Trends

Traditional Georgian symbols and ornaments are often found in the design of Georgian wine labels. They are usually accompanied by a rich and vibrant embodiment. Red and black colors, gold foil, and lots of extra elements are used in the design of the labels.


Borjgali, one of the most ancient Georgian symbols of the sun with seven rotating wings, was used as the basis. This symbol means a holy fruit and has long been used in engravings, frescoes, numismatics as well as on modern Georgian currency. Nowadays, Borjgali is a significant element of Georgian culture that laconically defines national hospitality.


We have designed a line of labels for 8 types of wine, oriented both to the Georgian and the European sales markets. The discreet classic style is easily perceived by consumers at various points of sale while its combination with Georgian motives allows customers to identify the origin of the product and increases the brand’s visibility.

Are you searching for an effective brand design or naming? We’re on the way to you!

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