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HAMA BTS Catalog

Of course, a professional approach is quite essential in this field.

Flipping through pages of the catalog, the Commercial Director was considering a business proposal offered to him. The manufacturer’s catalog made a rather positive impression.

It looked modern and presentable, had a stylish design and a convenient interface approach. The texts were written in crisp fonts, the pages were designed in pure colors and full of beautiful images. It was obvious that the manufacturer was an expert in quality, valued ​​his job, and respected his partners offering the products in this way.

Adapting quickly to change is the calling of our time. Pragmatism must be reasonable. The business chooses reliable partners. Cooperation with advanced experts allows you to get a quick, high-quality, and professional result. This applies to all areas ranging from design to commerce.
Reliability is in the details. They are very important for decision-making. An ordinary product catalog might provide a trigger that would begin mutually beneficial cooperation.




About Customer:

One of the largest domestic manufacturers of bread and bakery products that successfully operates in the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years.











To design the fast-food products catalog

Customer Request

To create a modern catalog of products for retail: distributors and customers of products in the retail network.
The catalog should keep going to the corporate style of the company and be designed in green color grade.

Design Trends

Nowadays, such catalogs for retail in the Ukrainian market have a lack of setting standards and requirements. Therefore, the principal benchmark is to create a clear interface structure, and to offer a clear visual division into sections and categories.


The idea of the design and the catalog layout lies in the accessibility of information and user-friendliness. Choosing a product from our customer, a distributor can always see the cataloged submission and concurrently receive detailed information about the product (description, characteristics, etc.) and high-quality images that fully reflect the product benefits.


The professionals of our company designed a quality multi-page catalog with a wide range of products. A modern and low-cost format, inexpensive to manufacture, was chosen for the catalog. A color correction was performed at a high level. The images were specially adapted for the selected type of printing and the quality of color rendition during production was retained.

Stand out with a professional presentation! Order the design of a catalog for your products or services right now.

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