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этикетка для антисептика асептика

The disinfectant product label has become one of the most requested search queries on the network. It is no wonder since the disinfectant products are effective remedies against dangerous infections. It is an essential first step in any disinfection process, especially today when the world is facing significant challenges due to COVID-19. The disinfectant products’ manufacturing is rapidly mounting which means that labels for antiseptics are required.

Our company provides packaging and label design services for disinfectant products, aseptic products as well as other agents for disinfection, sanitation, hygiene, and cleanliness. You can order labels for disinfectant products right now on our website or by phones indicated in the Contacts.


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Disinfectant product labels: the key questions

A label is required for disinfectant product labeling and identification. In addition, the label is instrumental in marketing enabling the manufacturer to show the advantages of their products and to identify them from competitors’ ones.

Nowadays, a broad-spectrum of antiseptic agents are produced differ in their composition and released version. You can find disinfectants in various types of packing, for example, in plastic and glass containers of various volumes, in spray bottles, with or without aerosol dispensers, in the form of foam, gel-like, and liquid. For each packing, an appropriate label is required.

The most practical, convenient, and popular option is a self-adhesive label for disinfectant products in a form completely ready-to-stick for the packaging.

Disinfectant Product Label Design

The label for disinfectant products should inspire confidence among people and be associated with cleanliness and safety. Besides, it should be noted that labels for disinfectants like any other labels carry in an appropriate informational assignment.

The label for hand hygiene products and pocket hand sanitizers differs from the label of medical disinfectant products or the label of antiseptics for dirty surfaces in look, shape, and size. The design of labels for disinfectant products takes into account all these nuances as well as the specific wishes of a customer.

The label can be quite strict and conventional, or bright and creative, striking among the similar products in the display window. No doubt, you should ignore the current label design trends so that your products have a modern and attractive look.

Label design for disinfectant products can be based on the corporate colors of the manufacturer and use elements of corporate identity. Fonts should be selected according to the stylistic decision. The good readability of even the smallest text is mandatory.

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Disinfectant product labels: buy in Ukraine

We design disinfectant product labels of various sizes for different containers taking into account the specifics of your products. We do also re-design and adapt the existing label design.

The order label printing for disinfectant products is available via our partners, Green Trade Company (Kyiv). Specializing in the production of self-adhesive labels, Green Trade is ready to offer you the best solutions for your business.

Disinfectant product labels: price in Ukraine

We offer the most profitable prices for the disinfectant product label design. You can calculate the cost of the project directly on our website. For more detailed information, contact our experts. All services are provided online.

If you’re interested in being a quick, efficient, and inexpensive design, please contact us!