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заказать дизайн рыбной упаковки

How to design seafood packaging? How to design vacuum packaging for fish, shrimp, and squid? What should the label look like on canned fish and preserves? It’s time to discuss the current trends in the design of fish packaging and labels for seafood.

Market Requires: Selling Fish Packaging Design

So, here are a few statistics. In recent years, the Ukrainian fish and seafood market has been pleasing with its dynamics. Domestic entrepreneurs both develop the domestic market through imports and their own production and actively increase export supplies.

Marketing studies show that fish exports have increased by more than 13% in 2020 alone, compared to the previous period, and reached $ 2.4 million. Moreover, such countries as Germany, Denmark, and Moldova have become the main importers of fish products from Ukraine. Our country has all the resources to become a processing center for imported fish, for example, Norwegian one.

The Ukrainian market’s peculiarity is that the manufacturing companies and distributors compete for the consumer, not the products do. It happens that similar products are sold under different trademarks, even having the same source of origin sometimes.

As is well known, the Ukrainian market develops its own brands offering exclusive products. As an example, we produce smoked or salted fish made according to a special recipe, or seaweed salads or unique sea cocktails.

In this regard, competitive, trendy, attractive selling packaging for fish and seafood is critical. And be sure, the Ukrainian designers have something to offer customers.

packaging design for fish and seafood

1. Fish Packaging & Label Design Ideas

Contemporary design is featured by creative interpretations of eternal topics and the implementation of innovative components. New solutions, amazing shapes, interesting conceptualizations appear in the design of packaging and labels. In general, there has been a great significant and qualitative leap forward in design compared to the previous years.

Such basic motives as natural habitat, fishing, processing, and consumption are played up in the design of packaging and labels for fish and seafood. Global trends based on 7 basic principles of packaging design for fish products are clearly visible in modern design.

2. Cooking and Serving Ideas

A delicious image or photo showing the best pros of a product and a dish it is made of becomes a centerpiece of the design. The herring with onion and dill has been replaced by more fashionable images that correspond to modern ideas about aesthetics in food.

3. Design Based on Simplicity and Friendliness for Consumer

Most people like to eat fish but not the cooking process itself. However, many types of fish products and seafood are ready-to-eat or require minimal effort and skill in cooking. By clearly displaying this process on the packaging, you can radically extend the group of customers of the product.

4. “Ships in the Deep Sea”

A design that discovers customers the place and method of obtaining a particular fish product increases consumer confidence in the product. Such images as ships, fishing gear, fishermen, and waterscapes are typical features of this design.

Fish Packaging Label Design Ideas

5. Indicators of the Product Quality, Freshness, and Usefulness

Packaging with transparent windows, advertising of fish in images, certification marks as well as information about the presence of vitamins, microelements, and vital substances in the product content are crucial indicators to assure the buyer that the product is of high quality, fresh, and useful. 

6. Creative Images and Special Packaging Design

The designer implements various creative ideas in packaging design. And as a result, the packaging becomes a work of art. That is exactly the point that requires the designer to have a good understanding of the current situation and creative inspiration.

7. Humorous Texts and Images in Label Design

All’s fair in design: drive, shocking, and even hardcore occur. This style is especially suitable for the smoked fish packaging that we usually use for beer drinking. In this regard, the designer should accurately understand the tastes of the target audience so as not to offend the consumer, discredit the brand, and turn marketing into a farce.

8. Packaging and Label Design Focused on Brand

The major design task, in this case, is to demonstrate brand reliability, to show the manufacturer’s seriousness and attentiveness towards its products. If so, the brand logo and brand name become the centerpiece of the design.

In this context, packaging or labels are usually designed in a corporate color scheme.

As for the popular ways to implement these trends, the following ones can be noted:

  • Watercolor drawings
  • Technical and anatomical images in ink
  • Microimages
  •  Blocks of colors in organic form
  • Authentic vintage design
  • Solid monochromatic color
  • Perfect symmetry of the image.

Custom Packaging and Label Design for Fish

You can find out more about the trends in packaging design for fish and seafood from our portfolio.

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