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Nautical Theme. Label Design For TM Viksus Preserves

– Vasyl, look, here’s a novelty, – Petrivna pointed at the packaging, checking out the seafood display – Let’s buy it & taste it!

She reached for the package with a neat, attractive label that stood out from the other containers with its original color scheme, resembling sea waves, clear inscriptions, and the expressive logo – TM Viksus.

– By the same token, there is something else from this series of seafood. Looky here: herring, crab sticks, horse mackerel…Wow, the preserves are so fresh and tasty! By any means, I’ll take it all!


Viksus LLC

About Customer:

Viksus LLC is a seafood wholesaler, located in Rivne. It is an importer and marketer of own-produced fresh-frozen fish and fish products








Our task is to design new labels for the product line of TM Viksus in order to contribute to the successful promotion of products on the market, and, as a result, to boost sales.

Labels should be designed with a modern, stylish, and attractive look, featuring the competitive advantages of products, i.e. excellent taste, unique recipes, and strict adherence to technological standards for manufacturing, as well as product environmental friendliness, high-quality, and safety.

Customer Request

The customer requested to design labels for TM Viksus plastic seafood containers, intended for a new product (surimi shrimp in oil with spices) and an existing one (Mathieu’s herring of fillet pieces in oil ), which will be the basis for labeling a diverse range of the company’s product (vegetable salads, snacks, seaweed salad, etc.). 

A discreet design is desirable. Photos or images are acceptable, however, their use is not required. Font style is strict. Color is a dark background, for example, dark blue or dark turquoise, including white, silver, or golden thin lines. The 3D effect is possible, for example, scales or waves. At the same time, the requirement of versatility must be taken into account so that the design concept is suitable for labeling the rest of the company’s products.

Since the market is full of similar products with dark coloring, black as the basis is an unwelcome element of the design as well as an abundance of color, gaudiness, trivial images, such as fish, ships, etc.

Design Trends

In the design of seafood packaging in the Ukrainian, EU, and US markets, it is possible to identify the following features: natural images and patterns, smooth rounded shapes & lines, and craft style. Pastel colors and collages are used to a lesser extent.

Realistic seascapes, photos of the product, the method of serving, transparent windows allowing a direct view of the contents can be the elements of fish and seafood packaging design.

At the same time, standard fonts and the same graphic images are used in abundance. The designs and logos of many brands are not updated for a long time. Most of the photos look out of date.

However, there are also marketing strategies and design decisions that are both built on the basis of the needs of the target audience and offer bold, abstract solutions


This project is an extension of our cooperation with the customer. Previously, we’ve designed a logo for TM Viksus, which is now one of the integral design elements of the new label.

Our aim lies in creating a high-quality and unique design without any superfluous elements (dies, fills, stock photos), that will be ideally implemented in printing, and which, if desired, can be enriched with printing effects to give the label relief and tactile expressiveness. 

A nautical pattern is chosen as a semantic element, which is both product-specific and neutral enough to be a unifying concept for a series of labels.


We have designed unique labels for fish and seafood on TM Viksus’ request. Thanks to the stylized background, featured with wave patterns, trendy and fresh color scheme, precise typography, and the correct setting of visual accents, we’ve got expressive, attractive labels that worthily represent the brand’s products.

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