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дизайн етикетки для вина шампанського трубецького тсд

Label design for sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut TM Prince Trubetskoi Winery

There are moments of special inner upheaval that remain forever in your memory. These are moments when the soul overflows with wonderful emotions, and the eyes shine with happiness. Strong urge to share the feelings. Then the sparkling wine is opened, and the world becomes incredibly beautiful.

You cannot forget the feeling of freedom, the joy of triumph, the glance of a loved one, the taste of wine and the label relief on the bottle. It remains throughout our lives evoking fond memories.


PJSC “Prince Trubetskoi”

Client overview:

The Prince Trubetskoi winery possessing its own vineyards specializes in the production of natural high-quality wine






Labels, Labels for wine


Creating a label design for sparkling wine of the champagne type.

Client’s request

Sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut is made according to the classic champagnization technology from hand-harvested grapes. 

The label should look original, respectable and elegant emphasizing the high quality of sparkling wine and belonging to the Prince Trubetskoi Winery brand.

Design trends

Champagne and sparkling wines are associated with celebration, joy, success, triumph. It is important to note, that the use of the term “Champagne” in the wines name is strictly regulated by EU rules.

Only several trends of sparkling wine label design are existed in the world.

The classic design of champagne labels emphasizes the brand’s loyalty to winemaking traditions. It is based on an elegant color range, ornate or gothic fonts, heraldic elements, gold and silver in abundance on the label.

The modern style of sparkling wine labels shows the brand’s innovation. The label design includes bright or emphasized pastel tones and unusual colors for classic wine labels such as pink, blue, light green. The design is completed with trendy elements and images.

дизайн етикетки шампанського трубецькогоТСД


To touch tactilely and visually the luxurious enjoyment of noble champagne made according to natural champagnization method. It is precisely this idea that became the basis for the design.

We wanted to use both the consumer’s eyes and tactile sensations. Therefore, the design was developed on the basis of supplementing the label with the necessary printing effects.

A deep graphite shade was used, which literally plays with shades on the material, as on the surface of natural stone.

Screen varnish lays on the surface in distinctly perceptible rhombuses, which made it possible to obtain a unique embossed label surface.

It was decided to highlight the wine emblem and name with the help of gold elements created by hot stamping.


Premium wine bottle labels impress with an unparalleled combination of perfect aesthetics and unusual, pleasant to the touch embossed surface, the feeling of which is unforgettable.

Such a design solution became an exclusive business card of the wine. The tactile effect and conciseness of the label design are firmly got stuck in the memory of consumers. This technique distinguishes the labels among competing products which gives the maximum effect to achieve the customer’s marketing goals.

етикетка для вина тактильна шампанське трубецького

The wine label “Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut” TM Prince Trubetskoy Winery won the All-Ukrainian competition “Ukrainian Label – 2022”!

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