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The design of the wine label can tell a lot to a true connoisseur. The design of a bottle of wine emphasizes the uniqueness, reveals the essence and educates the taste, as well as tasting the drink.

What should be the design of labels for wine

Labels on wine bottles are primarily a means of labeling. Therefore, the label design should be informative and include:

  • name of the wine;
  • basic information about the origin, manufacturer;
  • other relevant data.

Wine labels are an important sales tool. Beautiful labels for wine attract customers. Such wine looks good on store shelves and is sold much better.


wine label design


The label adds value to the guilt and often has a decisive influence on its choice. Many people are not well versed in alcoholic beverages, but are guided by the appearance of the label for wine, especially if they want to buy wine for a gift. In addition, it depends on the label how presentable the bottle on the table will look.

Manufacturers want to buy labels for wine, the price, design and quality of which are optimally balanced. Sometimes it is important for entrepreneurs to order stickers on wine bottles inexpensively. They prefer a simple and clear label design. Small-scale farmers prefer to buy labels for homemade wine  rather than to make on their own.

Wine Label – Design

Winemakers, having invested their souls in their products, order labels for wine, the design of which corresponds to the exclusivity and quality of the drink. The design of the wine label includes original elements that emphasize the authenticity of the drink.

For example, the family coat of arms, signature or fingerprint of the winery owner or a unique bottle number. In addition to the aesthetic component, such elements can serve as a means of protection against fake.


wine label


The design may include elements of corporate identity, creative finds, traditional motifs: stylized landscapes, grapes, vines and leaves, national ornaments.

To evoke and maintain interest in products, extraordinary design solutions can be used. The layout of the label for wine is agreed with the customer.

When creating a design, you should also consider moments such as:

  • type of wine;
  • the color of the bottle on which the label will be affixed;
  • the appropriateness of applying printing effects.

Gold or silver stamping, various varnishes, relief stamping emphasize the beauty of the design, give the labels on the wine a respectable look.

bottle label design

To promote a new brand, it is desirable to create a label for a bottle of wine, taking into account the specifics of the market and the target audience.

Consumer preferences are quite diverse and depend on the mentality, gender, age and many other factors. Someone is more trusted by the classic labels for wine bottles, while others are attracted to cool labels for wine.

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