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дизайн етикетки на ковбасу ЗСУ тсд

Time for a change: a new winning Ukrainian design

Do you want a new high-quality design? Fast and professional? Not just design, but a winning marketing strategy? If yes, you are right with us.

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Many business owners think in the following way: why I should change the appearance of the label or packaging that are already recognizable among our users and targeted audience. But there are several good reasons why it is necessary to do right now:

Logistics is broken down. Already formed connections have been disordered, some businesses have ceased to exist, business owners under the pressure of circumstances and trying to save business have beenforced to move to other regions, sales markets and consumer interests have changed. A large part of the products goes to the battlefield.
Vacant niches are occupied by other regional suppliers that no one knows.
On the shelves the products of manufacturers located in the occupied territory are replaced by products from Poland, Romania (i.e. soda, salt, etc., all in Latin and with completely different designs).
Large companies are leaving the market, they are replaced by small ones, competition is growing, the main reason for competition is not profit, but primarily survival and simply the availability of goods.
Some well-known brands are hostile due to their direct or indirect affiliation with the aggressor country.

For example, TM "Santa Bremor", Belarus, has already disappeared from the market. Its products assortment was unique. Why not occupy the vacant niche? Who can do itquicker due to an expressive design?




, Time for a change: a new winning Ukrainian design

During the wartime everything has changed: from worldview to living conditions. Products with an old design not only look out of date, but also raise questions among buyers: are manufacturers stuck in the past? Maybe it's a pre-war product that has expired? And under what conditions was this product stored and is it still suitable for consumption?

Let’s be clear, the dynamic of the processes is too fast: people choose in 2-3 seconds before the air alert sounds, they don't care to look at the inscriptions of small print. The label or the packaging design should be essential, expressive, understandable and attractive. Now see if your design is created in such way. Can your design compete with more energetic competitors?

By the way, refer to fonts: do you know that the moscalcompany Paratype owns Cyrillic fonts? And now, attention! Almost every packaging in Ukraine has these fonts. Also, some other fonts are out of modern design over 10 times. So, the fonts in the design definitely need to be changed!

Redesigning of the label or product packaging testifies to the activity, strength and vitality of the business, to the fact that Ukrainians do not lose their flair and headstrongness under any trials. It inspires and motivates to gather and fight, demonstrates the indomitability of the Ukrainian character and nourishes hope in the future. After all, as long as we move forward, we cannot be defeated.


тушонка для ЗСУ дизайн ТСД

So, do not hesitate - it's time for a change.

Get started right now! Courage can help you to change the old design to a new, modern, patriotic one. Applying Ukrainian fonts, abandoning the old Soviet fonts or those originating from the country of the aggressor – the very we need today.Rebranding is exactly what our team performs successfully. Our solutions will allow you not only to keep market share, but also lead to new opportunities!

You won’t be alone – we will help you and tell you how to do it better. What exactly does the market need, what will customers like, how to design a label or package to take a stronger position in the market. And most importantly, we will develop a professional design ASAP.

Don't waste time and help your business survive in difficult times - contact the specialists of TCD design studio for a new winning design.

We develop designs for large, medium, and small business, private entrepreneurs, and volunteers.

You can order a label or packaging design right now, call us or write to us by mail or messenger.

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