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сардельки байрактарчики

Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

To win, you need to act decisively. React quickly. Send the old junk following Russian warship and order a new label design and packaging.

Ad hoc (situational) design always evokes emotions. When it enters, it is guaranteed to cause a wave of consumer interest. And if it is actively used by famous brands, why not try it yourself?

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Zelensky, Biden, Johnson: hot trends in Ukrainian design

Strong Zelensky and sweet Boris: there are no limits to creativity. The sharp mind and entrepreneurial flair of Ukrainians instantly produces marketing masterpieces. Zelensky Vodka project was created by our compatriots in order to raise funds to help Ukraine.


Vodka Zelensky

Vodka Zelensky


On the occasion of the visits of our British friend, the famous Jonsonyuk cake appeared.


Johnsonuk cake

Borys Johnsonyuk cake

Advantages of
ad hoc design

● Attracts attention. Such a design immediately catches the eye, in contrast to the usual design of products.

Associated with a new and fresh product. Since the events, as they say, are still on hearing, it is clear that the labels are made recently and the batch of goods is fresh.

Inspires confidence in the manufacturer. The design that plays on certain events or moods in society shows the common interests and views of the manufacturer and the consumer. This is an important point of contact through which interaction is established between them.

Thoughtfulness and empathy are important for the success of ad hoc design.


Liquid soap label design by TCD studio

Labels for "Ukrainochka" liquid soap. Design development: TCD design studio


Ad hoc label design. Examples from photos


, Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

Stew for territorial defense. Joint project of TM "Nasharyaba" and "Veres"

козацька рада байрактар незламні джавелін

Vodka "Bayraktar", "Nezlamni", "Javelin" TM Kozatska Rada

пиво путін пішов на

Czech beer "Putin go..."ТМ Raven


The pitfalls of ad hoc design and how to avoid them

1. Rapid loss of relevance. Nothing can be done, you need to squeeze everything possible out of such a design in a short period of time. But there is also good news: ad hocdesign is often so successful that it becomes a long-term trend. Bayraktarchyka, Javelinka and Banderivskasausages have become almost classics of the Ukrainian market.

, Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

, Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

Chornobayivska and Banderivska sausages. Label designdevelopment: TCD design studio


2.  Opposite effect. Sometimes ad hoc design does not live up to expectations, and instead of increased demand for products, the manufacturer gets the opposite result. The main reasons are that the design was made

a. too late, a lot of variations have been presented and the buyers have already tired

b. too soon, the consumers have not been ready to accept the changes

c. unprofessional, without taking into account the features of the product and the needs of the target audience.


, Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

"Masterpieces" of ad hoc design on store shelves


We will help you to avoid these traps and use the current situation as efficiently and beneficially as possible for your business.


Order label and packaging design in Ukraine

The specialists of TCD design studio will create a label and packaging design for you that meets the requirements of the times. Accurate, professional, the kind that will attract attention and cause a positive reaction from consumers. And, most importantly, we will do it quickly and in a quality manner.


, Russian warship, go .. or ad hoc design in action

Sausage label design. Label design development: TCD design studio


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