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Adaptive design is a way to correctly present web resources on various devices, regardless of screen size or device mobility. Adaptive design involves the creation of one version that will look and work properly on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Adaptation of corporate websites, online stores, landing pages or mailing correspondence for various types of devices plays an important role for business. It allows you to provide presentability, functionality and usability of web resources for any user. Otherwise, you can lose part of the target audience. There are various ways to solve this problem, and adaptive design is one of them.

adaptive design

Adaptive website design

The main requirement of mobile device users for websites is high definition images and excellent readability of the text, regardless of screen size and rotation. No less important is the convenience of the interface and the functionality of the functional. The design should be clear and pleasant to the user.

Therefore, when developing an adaptive design, several templates are created for various screen formats. It is important to maintain the continuity of the style so that the user understands that this is one and the same resource. You can add or remove some buttons or columns, change their location. However, the proportions, color scheme, visual hierarchy, notifications and even small elements should be as similar as possible.

We should not forget about the importance of organizing a page in terms of its promotion in search engines. The structure of content, the use of headings and lists in the design of the page help create a path for bots.

Pop-ups and banner ads should closed easily and not block important information on the page. Allocate under them is recommended no more than 20% of the screen area. Forms of subscription, registration, shares can be placed in the footer, header or in permanent blocks in the internal field of the page.

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Adaptive Email Design 

When creating an adaptive layout for email distribution, please note that on mobile devices it is better to use single-column templates. The most important information should be located at the top. The presence of small links and buttons that are hard to get through significantly reduces the usability of emails.

Design studio TSD – design for your business 

Creating responsive design is not the same as simply replacing fixed pixels with percentages. You need to understand how the resource will behave depending on the screen. The designer carefully calculates all indents and hyphens, sizes of graphic elements and blocks, in order to optimally use the screen area and make the page as attractive, workable and interesting as possible.

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