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предметная съемка бриф

Professional photography is a creative process. However, unlike amateur photography, this is not a sudden flash yet a high-quality result on his core the customer expects. The professional photographer works fast, smoothly, and efficiently, realizing the customer’s requirements and implementing them creatively by set deadlines.

Therefore, it is vital to plan and record the main points of cooperation even before it starts, so that the result of the photoshoot satisfies both parties. A written agreement that addresses all important issues is called a Brief. The more detailed the brief is, the awareness of the missions becomes clearer and, accordingly, the fewer disagreements arise.

Photography Studio Briefs

The brief includes not only technical aspects, such as photo size and their number but also the customer’s requests concerning what he wants to get on the photo. We all have our own definition of beauty and vision of style. Even identical colors can be called differently by people. Therefore, it is essential that the customer and the photographer from the very outset speak the same language and head toward the same goal. 

By filling out the brief, the customer becomes more clearly aware of what he wants to get and what he will pay money for. The photographer delves into the specifics of the photography subject, assesses the complexity and scope of the work, plans the props, time, and other resources for a photo session.

Photography Studio Briefs

Subject Photo Shooting: How to Generate and Fill Out a Brief

A photo shooting brief may include the following queries:

  • Photo use (platform/media): magazine, catalog, billboard, poster, website, online store, social networks, etc.
  • Goals and objectives: it outlines the project aims to be achieved.
  • Idea and concept: aesthetic photography, image, subject, advertising, etc. In this paragraph, the customer describes his requests in detail.
  • Photo sizes: in pixels, if the photos are intended for use in digital space, or in millimeters if the photos are taken for printing.
  • Estimated scope of work: the number of photographed subjects/compositions, individual objects, groups of objects, people interacting with objects, interiors, etc.
  • Type of shooting: objects on a white background, images for marketplaces, banners and social networks, 360-degree shooting, food shooting, etc.
  • Photography orientation (horizontal ‘landscape’/ vertical ‘portrait’).
  • Desired angles/shooting angles.
  • Location of objects (left, right, center).
  • References on scenery and props.
  • Necessary props for photo shooting.
  • Features of the product that should be shown off in the photos. What to focus the viewer’s attention on (certain properties, color, shape, texture, etc.)
  • Some restrictions that should be avoided when showing off the product in photos.
  • Requirement for lighting.
  • Background for subject shooting: on a certain background, the separation of an object from the background, composition design.
  • Photographic composition:
    • Simple composition, the so-called catalog shooting (a subject on the background without props)
    • Complex composition (levitation, layout of objects, staging composition of 5 objects, and more)
  • Location: in the studio, on-site at the customer’s place, en plein air (outdoors), etc.
  • Photo formats (jpg, psd, png, tiff, others).
  • Results transfer format: Google Drive or a flashcard.
  • Photo submission deadline.

The brief as clearly filled out as possible helps to form a more accurate picture of the work as well as to identify the goals and objectives of the project.

Photography Studio Briefs

Professional Photo Shooting in Kyiv

The TCD Studio offers photographer services for your business. We are actively developing and expanding topics for our photoshoots.

In our company, you can order beautiful art photos for advertising, printing, or subject photos on a white background for a catalog, web store, Instagram page, Facebook profile, or Pinterest profile.

We operate our own advanced photo studio, equipped with modern facilities and professional studio lighting. 

Get in touch with us by phone or email if our offer seems interesting to you. We look forward to cooperating with you