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The design should be both creative and practical. Mostly, many designers regularly place more emphasis on creativity than the functionality of their work. But it should be kept in mind that their products will be used by the most ordinary consumers, and the issue of convenience remains relevant to them. These unusual and blooper design solutions may surprise you.

Coffee is my Kryptonite

, Creative Design and Practicality

It’s not particularly the best solution for decorating a cup. Since Kryptonite was the only thing that could stop and kill Superman. It means that drinking such a cup of coffee, you absolutely do not get your strength back as shown on the cup but quite the opposite. The design practicality of such a product for a knowledgeable consumer is zero.

Poor Cow…and the Customer

, Creative Design and Practicality

The designer depicts an image of the cow that smiles when a knife cuts pieces of a delicious steak from the animal and the cow is going to eat itself. How does the cow feel to line up for slaughter? Is the poor animal smiling? And you, looking at this packing? Is it fun? Or, maybe, is it delicious? Have you a desire to buy this product? We suppose it’s a cruel and sick joke that defies any logic. Evidently, neither the logic nor the marketing skills were in the designer’s mind.

Fan of Racism

, Creative Design and Practicality

Here is an example of an unsuccessful applying the paint on a hoodie when a fairly decent slogan: “Stop Pretending Your Racism is Patriotism” looks like just “Racism” after 1-2 laundries and fading in the sunlight. The design is more than original again while the hoodie user turns out… a racist.

‘Comfortable’ Handrail

, Creative Design and Practicality

Some people hold on to a handrail as they go down the stairs. But this handrail is designed for other purposes. I wonder for which ones? It seems to me, it is better to fall down the stairs and twist an ankle than to pierce your hand with such a ‘masterpiece’ of industrial design.

The Bowling Ball Rolls Out Of…

, Creative Design and Practicality

Agree that the design becomes obscenely funny sometimes. Look at the picture above. There’s nothing wrong with your eyes. The bowling ball is rolling out of… a hippo’s ass! It looks ridiculous, doesn’t it? But it is absurd to someone. The creators’ idea is incomprehensible but the ball rack is, to say the least, unusual.

Window for a Pet

, Creative Design and Practicality

Perhaps, this is the smallest window in the world decorated with beautiful blinds. But unfortunately, you can’t look out of this window. The builders probably designed it for your pet. It’s a joke, of course.

Airport or Seaport

, Creative Design and Practicality

This is an entirely unsuccessful sample of interior design at the airport. The hall windows are designed in the form of portholes with beautiful images of the seabed placed behind them. What is a hint meant? “Our flights will take you directly to the seabed”, won’t they? The use of such a design should not be misleading the passengers because they are going to fly, not to sail.

Pursuing a nice visual image, the designers often forget about one of the main design goals – the product must be functional but not only creative, and stands out the product in a competitive environment.

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