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Разработка айдентики для авиакомпаний

The design of any brand starts with the logo. Airlines are no exception, but the approach to the development of logos for the aviation industry has certain features. First of all, it should focus potential customers on what the company does – it is no coincidence that the logos of airlines are light, airy. With all their appearance, they motivate to action – to buy a ticket in this company and fly to conquer other countries.

Not all airlines have the same approach to developing a corporate identity. Different types of companies (passenger, freight, low cost) prefer radically different types of design. Passenger airlines usually decorate light logos, while cargo airlines demonstrate reliability and perfection in their style.

But small economy-class airlines usually do not spend budgets to create a complex corporate style, content with fast painting without much sophistication. Such companies usually do not have the funds for advertising, not to mention the design of the aircraft.

At the same time, well-known airlines do not save on advertising campaigns. Large-scale visual advertising is helping these airlines find more and more customers. In addition, with the help of creative advertising and bright brand design, successful companies emphasize their advantages in a competitive environment and monopolize entire regions.

What is usually taken into account in the design of the airline brand?

Every detail is important in the design of airlines. From the history of the brand to the favorite colors of its founder. It should be remembered that the competition here is very high and aggressive, so creativity in the design of the airline’s corporate identity can be a very important factor in success.

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