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Дизайн упаковки для молочных продуктов

Speaking of packaging for dairy products, we should mention that it does not only protect the product from damage, moisture, or dust but also makes the product stand out within a competitive framework.

Definitely, packaging design really matters a lot for packaged goods. For example, thick cardboard packaging is more suitable for milk than transparent plastic or plastic containers. The reason is that the sunlight accelerates the deterioration process of the milk. In addition, the container must be odorless and reliably protects the product from the foreign smell and/or taste since milk and fermented milk products quickly absorb the foreign odors.

Nor is that all. It is really important that milk containers should be made of completely harmless components since metals or fats are also quickly absorbed by milk and dairy products. Such nuances should be aware of and taken into account by an industrial packaging designer.

Designing the packaging of dairy products, the marketer and designer are bound to draw attention to the material the packaging should be made. For example, glass containers are chosen by customers who care about the environment because a glass bottle is made of material destined for reuse. In addition, the quality and freshness of the product are clearly visible through the glass bottle. On the other hand, the storage term of milk in a glass bottle is only 36 hours which must also be taken into account when designing packaging.

The milk container made of polyethylene or milk packaging film is a very wide range of uses among consumers of a dairy. The milk packaging film is very durable and fat-resistant. It reliably protects milk from sunlight. The cost of such a package is low.

Thermoformed containers, based on thermoplastic polymers and polystyrene, are popular dairy packages but they are rather expensive. They are designed to extend the freshness and shelf-life of milk. That’s what makes them so special.

Dairy packaging design is mainly based on traditional principals. White color is prevalent on the packaging symbolizing the purity and freshness of the product while blue and red colors are often used as contrasting elements to white color.

Packaging labels are also relevant. For example, the label “For children” on a milk container is exactly credible in buyers and, accordingly, increases sales even if adults buy milk for themselves.

Another feature of milk packaging that can help you to increase your sales is to keep design minimalistic. To minimize small details and to maximize the specificity of the product are a win-win strategy for your new dairy packaging.

The image of fresh herbs on milk packaging is perceived by the consumer as the naturalness of dairy products and, of course, increases the brand’s credibility. The image of wildflowers to the dairy packaging design creates a fresh feeling.

Using custom and unusual elements for dairy packaging such as handwritten font, bright colors, etc., can help to single out and to highlight your product among competitors.

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