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How can a designer make the right use of the possibilities of printing production to make the label more visible and attractive? Today we will talk about varnishing or rather about its special-effect print called drip-off varnish.

Drip-off varnish effect

Design plus technology is a magic formula that can significantly increase the aesthetics and the demands for goods. Due to the correctly chosen printing strategy, form, image, and color scheme acquire new qualities.

The same label design is perceived differently in gloss or textured surfaces. Simple varnishing can enhance the brightness of the colors or, conversely, gives the color a noble restraint, creates volume and texture.

There are special varnish coating technologies that literally transform label products and take them to a higher level without requiring separate expenditures of financial, material, and time resources.


Drip-off varnish


Drip-off technology: two varnishes are better than one

A major feature of the drip-off technology is the use of two varnishes – matte and glossy. At the same time, the glossy varnish does not form a uniform coating on the label surface but approves in the form of small drops on matte areas creating a beautiful decorative effect and a tangible micro-relief.

Using drip-off technology enables us to get labels with unique visual and tactile properties. The contrast between matte and glossy areas, complemented by an unusual texture, gives the label design exclusivity, expressiveness, and enhances the impression it makes.

The drip-off effect looks harmoniously on a variety of label products. This is a great solution for wine labels, sausage labels, labels for construction chemicals, etc. Even the simplest sticker will have a presentable and high-quality look by using drip-off varnish.

Drip-off technology provides a wide broad discretion for creative experiments. Drip-off varnish can also be combined with other printing effects.

labels Drip-off technology


Label design in Kyiv, Ukraine

Designing labels for your products, we do more than just render the layout. We are concerned to present your products look better improving the appearance of the label and finding interesting design solutions as well as focusing what is needed to be done on how to bring it about.

You probably want beautiful labels, don’t you? Contact us immediately! TCD Design Studio accepts orders for design development of any complexity, carries out all kinds of printing jobs, and guarantees the best result.

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