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The idea of functionalism is rationality, simplicity, profitability. From the point of view of functionalism, it is important to fulfill your mission with a minimum of costs. The principle is wonderful, and most importantly, it really works!

Today, functionalism in graphic design is taken for granted. And at the same time, people need beauty and variety. Perhaps the time has come for something new?

Functionalism in Graphic Design 

The aesthetics of functionalism is concise. It is subject to accurate calculation and expediency. Functionalism in graphic design rejects meaningless embellishment. Each design element should be useful.

For example, sans-serif fonts are effective where visibility and speed of perception is required. Serif fonts hold attention and make it easy to read long texts.

Functionalism makes full use of the theory of the influence of color on humans. The choice of colors is based on the principles of color.

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Functionalism and label design 

The peculiarity of the label is that the attractiveness of its appearance is as important a function as informativeness and practicality. In conditions of high competition, the label serves not only to label the product, but also to attract customers. And when designing it is very important to consider this.

For example, from the point of view of functionalism, decoration should be simple and accurate. Indeed, in order to consider complex elements or combinations, it takes time, which is usually sorely lacking.

However, an extra second spent at the shelf with the goods may be enough to make a spontaneous purchasing decision. Even passing by, a person will surely remember an interesting label design, and, perhaps, will buy this product next time.

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Graphic Design: Functionalism or Aesthetics?

“This is a chair – they are sitting on it, this is a table – they are eating on it.” If the design was based solely on functional purpose, we would be surrounded by the same things. But all people are different, each has its own needs and taste.

The question is not what is more important – functionalism or decorativeness. Does it make sense in such categorical?

It is about finding a balance when developing a label or packaging design that will lead buyers to the product. The arsenal of the modern designer is incredibly rich. It includes knowledge, experience, technology and creativity.

You can just solve the problem, but you can do it beautifully. Which solution do you prefer?

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