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, Great fast food packaging solutions: anti-crisis foodservice trends

What should be the packaging for fast food? What has changed during quarantine and what should you pay attention to when ordering the packaging design for fast food?

Anti-crisis food packaging

Ordering takeaway or delivery food has always been in demand. But during a pandemic, the popularity of this service has increased significantly. Accordingly, the competition within this market segment is increased. The consumer sentiment sets different rules. Today people are missed with positive emotions and news. Tired of restrictions and stagnation, they aspire to freedom and novelty. It means that the time has come for updates.

Packaging for products taking away should be convenient, reliable, hygienic, and, of course, attractive. In fact, it is part of the corporate identity and marketing strategy of the company. So, packaging design is a very important thing. What are fast food packaging design trends now popular in the world?

packaging design for fast food

New fast food packaging design

The worldwide pursuit of security and sustainable development in connection with the pandemic has acquired a special meaning. And this is reflected in everything including design. Food packaging is becoming an element of a healthy lifestyle. Environmental friendliness, sufficient protective properties as well as friendly-designed packing to man and to nature are acquired new sense.

Custom-made food packaging design provides clear and concise labeling, legible and readable fonts, and appropriate inscriptions. Transparent inserts that show the product to the customer are welcome too. However, it is important to take into account the specifics of the appearance of the product and the fact that people sometimes want to protect their food from prying eyes.

Packaging for fast food must be adapted to prompt delivery and contactless order transfer. This means it must have a configuration designed for compact storage in a courier bag and provide convenient carrying handles or fastening elements. Due to a competent and creative design, such functionality can become a packaging feature attracting customers.


Packaging for fast food 

Fast-food packaging is getting smarty

Firstly, product packaging is being integrated into digital information space. The packaging design may include smart tags and QR codes by reading which with the Smartphones, the buyer receives additional information.

Secondly, innovative coatings and materials that respond to environmental changes or product properties can be used for packaging. The label or packaging for food may change color if the temperature or humidity is violated indicating that the product is losing freshness.

Thirdly, various technological gadgets, for example, LED lighting or an alcohol sensor can be built into the package. Thus, the packaging design becomes as close as possible to the needs of users and manufacturers.

Product packaging design ordering

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