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, Packaging Design Development: Key Features

Tips from experts: how to create a packaging design that will lead to increased sales, to make a profit, to defeat competitors, and to your win-win.

Create packaging design: highlight the benefits

Just by looking at the packaging, the buyer understands why it is important for him to buy this particular product. Perhaps it is a matter of its functionality, usability, comfort, taste, beauty, or novelty.

When developing packaging design, focus on the benefits of the product. Highlight the main Pros in design, those that are especially important for the target audience. For example, if the main feature of the product is in the absence of gluten, this should be clearly reflected on the package.


разработка дизайна упаковки

Packaging Design: unleash emotions

The product has no always potential global gains.  For example, how can you single out the same kinds of daily purchases such as sugar or milk on the shelf by packing design? Use the trump card – your emotions!

Trust us emotions are a win-win. There’s no getting away from it since the design like a form of any of the arts appeals to feelings. In essence, the commercial design is the artistic embodiment of customer desires. This is where the skill value comes into play. After all, the packaging design should affect people predictably, accurately, and failure-free prompting them to buy goods.


создание дизайна упаковки

Packaging design development: price

Packaging design must match the price category of the product unless otherwise is provided by the marketing policy of the customer. We suspect the number one question on everyone’s mind is creating design at a reasonable price.

On the one hand, do not overdo it while developing packaging for economy class goods. Cheaply packaging design is suitable for inexpensive goods. Avoid unreasonable frills that increase the value of the goods. It is preferable to adhere to the golden mean in this case – packaging should be functional, informative, and slightly better than competitors is.

On the other hand, never save on packaging design for expensive goods. Exclusive design, gold stamping, relief stamping, complex varnishes give a presentable look to the packaging of premium class products increasing its status and attractiveness to the customers.

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Packaging design: Do it right!

TCD Design Studio provides packaging design development services. We carry out all types of design including:

– Food packaging design;

– Creating a packaging design for products of a non-food group;

– Creating a label design.

You can calculate the project cost and order the packaging design development for your products right now on our website.