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Let us introduce you to an adhesive valve label for packaging, a very simple but incredibly useful improved package solution in packaging.

Valve label for packaging

Believe us, it’s a terrible thing as well as dubious pleasure picking up buckwheat scattered all over the kitchen from a randomly hurt-opened bag, let alone salt! Actually, it’s scary to think about it… And even the edge of cheese hardened in the air does not please at all.

It is recommended to store in closed packaging lots of food products, for example, flour so that it does not damp, saturated with atmospheric impacts or coffee so that it does not lose its flavor, either rice so that it doesn’t absorb extraneous odors. The tightness of the packaging prevents the weathering or drying of the products, dust or bacteria settling on them.

The closed packaging protects the contents from the adverse effects of the environment, preserves their quality, extends the storage time, of course, does not allow it to evaporate, crumble, or imperceptibly disappear.

The packaging of the goods we buy usually contains more than is necessary for a single-use. Therefore, having opened the package, and taking as much as necessary, we frantically search for something to close it or where to pour everything. We leave the packaging open as an option, complicating our lives and, literally wasting money. It concern not only to products but also to so many things we use in daily life.

The urge to make their products more convenient for customers, modern manufacturers are looking for ways to solve this problem. The simplest, least expensive, convenient, and truly ingenious way is to equip the packaging with a self-adhesive valve label.


Valve label bags

Valve label bags

The valve label is initially stuck to the packaging bag so that it can be wrapped in the open part and secured with the free edge of the adhesive valve. At the same time, the second edge of the label does not peel off the packaging so that the clasp can’t be lost and is always in a place.

The look, size, and shape of the valve label may vary from case to case. The additional specification is to ensure sufficient functionality whether it is a valve for packing khinkali or a bag of coffee.

A variety of goods starting from gingerbread to seeds are required a packaging with such a convenient clasp. Bags with a valve label are a great solution to packaging for cereals, pasta, and other groceries, frozen fruits, and vegetables, seafood such as shrimp as well as semi-processed goods such as dumplings.

Many non-food items are also required packaging with a valve label. It is convenient for storing small and loose items such as screws, nuts, paper clips, buttons, beads, disposable masks, and signets. The valve label is a good thing in order to the packaging of dry pet food, a packet of washing powder, or a pack of bath salt to be good closed.

Self-adhesive valve label

Self-adhesive valve label design

What should a self-adhesive label-valve look like? Firstly, it should be noticeable to the consumer. Transparent labels are universal and fit into any packaging design. However, the peel-off edge is usually highlighted in a contrasting color for convenience.

Many consumers are accustomed to regular packaging, and having an adhesive clasp on a bag comes as a surprise for them. For these reasons, the valve label is manufactured of large enough size with a bright eye-catching design. A schematic instruction for its application is often printed on the valve itself, for example, some words or images point clearly how it to use.

The valve label design should be in harmony with the appearance of the package and can be an element of corporate identity. A logo or slogan can be applied to the valve label. Accessed advertising information can also be placed on it.

So, having decided to order the printing of valve labels, make good use of its surface. We’ll be happy to facilitate to make it better. TCD Design Studio experts can develop a design of self-adhesive valve labels for bags and packaging at a high level, efficiently, and in the shortest possible time.

You can order the creation of the valve label design on our website by filling out the feedback form, or by calling us by phones indicated in the Contacts.

Valve label manufacturing

The valve label for bags is made of self-adhesive material. Typically, a polypropylene film is used for its manufacturing which has sufficient durability, flexibility and other remarkable properties that make it possible to make the valve label for paper bags and for packaging from other materials.

The self-adhesive valve label on the bag is designed for reusable use and withstands many peeling off/stick cycles. However, it does not damage the packaging and deform itself. The image on a quality valve label should not fade over time. Therefore, we recommend ordering the manufacture of valve labels for packaging products from reliable and trusted brands. More information about self-adhesive valve label can be found here.

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