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акция бизнес старт тсд создание логотипа фирмннный стиль

Everything you need to successfully launch your business in a crisis

Take advantage of the unique opportunity for your business by ordering a package of services «BUSINESS – START» at a favorable price!

Comprehensive logo design and corporate style developments with a 30% discounted upgrade are available! Benefit from our best rates!

Visual communication with customers as well as business development in today’s environment, requires the correct approach.

For a successful business, several key highlights are crucial:

  • Logo
  • Corporate identity.

A powerful logo and expressive corporate identity will ensure a worthy positioning of your company in the market and attract customer flow.

TSD Design Studio offers customers an unprecedented share: 30% discount * for a package of services including logo designing and the creation of corporate identity.

The optimal project timeline is 40 days.

* The discount isn’t cumulative with bonuses on other promotional offers on the site.