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тренды винных этикеток

It’s no secret that the liquor store provides a wide range of alcoholic beverages. The major issue of wine manufacturers and marketers is to single out their products among this variety of drinks and to attract wine connoisseur, gourmet, and ordinary buyers. The most right and obvious solution lies in using a label! It definitely must be exciting, extraordinary, trendy, and special.

Today’s story is about wine labels that are in style as well as about current trends in the design and manufacturing of wine labels.

What makes wine label the best?

The greatest single secret to the success of a wine label is based on material, design, and printing. The combination of these elements forms the initial image of the wine, and has a major impact on the choice of buyers.

trend wine label materials

A guide to trend wine label materials

Paper is a traditional material for wine label facestocks. A paper with a rough, organic texture, colored in the yellowish or brown tone is always in trend. A wide variety of wine papers allows you to implement all sorts of label design concepts starting from classic up to super creative ones.

Expensive design label materials such as film, polymer, glossy, metalized, golden, silver represent a special segment in wine label facestocks. Unusual, distinctive for their original appearance and texture, these materials are perfect for exclusive premium labels.

Another unique option in wine label facestocks is the natural simulation of various materials such as wood, veneer, and cork, a spectacular solution for a wine label, attracted buyers by its creativity and associated with barrel-aged alcohol.

The papers interspersed with natural fibers such as grapevine, for example, have become a new tendency in the backdrop of global trends in sustainable development. It’s a great option for wine labeling showing that the company is ecologically-oriented which is especially appreciated in the European market.

Finally, it should be noted self-adhesive materials with various effects – paper with a glossy and pearlescent shine surface.

Wine label design trends

Wine label design: current trends

Classics are timeless. Well, we won’t argue with that. Wine labels of classic design are trusted by most people. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to single out a wine with a classic-style label. Having settled on this option, it is important not to overdo it with a design and to cross the line beyond which mediocrity is. In this case, the label designers should entirely rely on the sense of style, understanding of the marketplace, their professionalism, and skills.

Ethnic motifs on the labels highlight the authenticity of the wine origin, saying about history, customs, and tradition of the region where the wine is made. At the same time, national patterns, local landscapes, stylized pictures of folklife may be used in the design of labels. No doubt, it’s the most proper way to focus on the virtues of the wine region, to emphasize the history of the manufacturer as well as the good quality of the wine.

Wine label designs may include certain symbols. The century-old tree, planted by the great-grandfather of the founder of the manufacturing company, symbolizes loyalty to the ancestral traditions of winemaking while the birds depicted on the label are associated with the light and fresh wine.

The art style on the wine labels always looks fresh and appealing. Creating images on labels, the designers often use various styles of art – from realism to cubism. Various drawings and even paintings of famous artists can be depicted on the wine label facestocks. The artistic concept of a design can be meaningful or it can appeal to feelings. Designing such a label, the target audiences’ mood must be taken into account in order to generate the desired response.

Wine label design trends
The prints (engraving) are another trend in wine label design. The bottles with such labels stand out for their featuring a restrained monochrome palette against the colorful background of wine shelves.

Wine labels that feature typography as the main design element is a fairly new but rapidly growing trend. Just looking at such a label, the buyer realizes that the manufacturer keeps up with the times, the up-to-date technologies, and the fashion, and definitely fears no experiments.

Wine is a vibrant drink and a feast for the soul as you know. Thus, it is not by chance that comic labels have become a trend in recent times. Such wine label facestocks can express the philosophy of the manufacturer as well as be a wise parable or a funny picture. Be sure, the story depicted on the label makes sense with every sip of wine.

Digital printing technology is a powerful trend today opening up new perspectives in wine label design.

A good label design will undoubtedly highlight the benefits of your product and can put the best face on it. Your wine will be sold out very quickly just by looking at the excellent label. The impressive label will become the hallmark of your wine and its ‘golden ticket’ to the world of consumers.

Well then, what about trend labels, friends? TCD Design Studio finds a great solution for your label design hitting you with our designers’ skills and creativity. We’ll design and manufacture the good labels for your alcoholic beverages!

Get the best design solution for your business at TСD Design Studio!

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