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этикетки для антисептика дизайн

The antiseptics and liquid soaps market is one of the fastest-growing disinfectant sectors in the world. Antiseptics and pocket sanitizers have been successfully promoted long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with the frequent large-scale outbreaks of respiratory diseases, influenza, and atypical infections, lots of companies have started proposing convenient and useful solutions for daily disinfection and hygiene.

The year 2020 has exceeded all expectations. Antiseptics for hands and surfaces have become an object of first necessity. Not only pharmaceutical companies but also manufacturers of cosmetic, perfumery products, household chemicals, and many other enterprises have started to manufacture antiseptics. Market volumes have increased dramatically, the product assortment has expanded largely, and the buyer has been faced with an antiseptic choice.

Antiseptic label design and its effect on a buyer choice

No one doubts today that the attractive appearance of the label affects the marketing potential of the product. So, what should be the design of the label of an antiseptic agent so that the consumer chooses this particular product shopping in the store? To get us an answer, let’s refer to the current world experience. We’ve studied the most popular label design trends for liquid soap and antiseptic and came to some conclusions. We offer you an overview of the last product packaging design trends for 2020.


Liquid soap labels

Antiseptics and liquid soaps: label design 2020

Whether you are a wholesale manufacturer of antiseptics or soap or a company released a small quantity of hygiene, you are definitely interested in a label. Besides its decorative function, the label is a means of marking that ensures the use of the product for its intended purpose.

Disinfectant label and packaging design must be credible, show a product’s usability, and declare its progressivity, safety, and efficiency.

Therefore, most bottles for antiseptics are made transparent or translucent while the labels contain information on the product content, presence or absence of alcohol, usage, and storage instructions. A popular trend is information on the label about the percentage fold increase in the antibacterial effect of antiseptic (the number of microorganisms to be killed).

The product name, a type of product (for example, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, household sanitizer, etc), and information about the manufacturer are also required to be indicated on the antiseptic label. As for the overall appearance of the label and packaging, they should give a favorable impression on a consumer. The label or packaging design should look neutral or show brand identity through a corporate color scheme, slogan, logo, appropriate images, and graphics.


Antiseptic label design


One of the trends is the so-called “Glass Clear” or “Invisible” label, a virtually invisible inscription that looks as if it is printed directly on the antiseptic bottle.

Household antiseptic labels can have a strict, laconic appearance, typical for labels of medication, and contain medical symbols, or they should more resemble the labels for cosmetics looking rather fancy and bright. The choice of design concept depends on understanding the mood of the target audience.

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