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дизайн тсд ковбаса зсу

Ukrainian naming and rebranding: repelling the aggressor on every fronts

Good evening, we are from Ukraine! Do you have Moscow sausage? Then we are coming to you.

The mentality of Ukrainian consumers has fundamentally changed. No matter how delicious the "Moscow" sausage looks, Ukrainians are turned away only from its name. Sausages, cheeses and other products with “moskal” naming are massively renamed by both large manufacturers and local entrepreneurs.


, Ukrainian naming and rebranding: repelling the aggressor on every fronts

Rebranding and naming in Ukrainian: used to be "Moskovska", now it’s...

TM "Tulchyn", "Globino" and "Yatran" undertook the "demoscowization" of their products. Meat processing factory "Alan" together with the Ukrainian Certification Center proposed to stop using the name "Moskovska" and change the corresponding DSTU number.


демосковізація ковбаси український неймінг тульчин Джерело: 

It is not just a name really, but an identifier of a product manufactured according to the appropriate recipe and technical conditions. Therefore, the naming should be not only new, but also unique. On this occasion, a popular survey was even conducted to choose the name. But while the rebranding is going on and the issue is setting, business keeps functioning, trade does not stand still, and entrepreneurs change themselves the notorious moskal names.


ребрендінг неймінг київська ковбаса ятрань Reference:

"Anti-Moscovska", "Banderivska", "Kyivska": which one to choose?

Local manufacturers and distributors were the fastest to find their way. Almost instantly, new printed or even handwritten price tags appeared on the counters of markets and stores. Used to be "Moscovska" – now it is "Anti-Moscovska". And also "Banderivska". Or "Kyivska" or "Lvivska".

етикетк на ковбасу бандерівськаReference:

Tags are tags, but what about labels? After all, the official labeling of products is not canceled even during wartime.

And then it began: while big companies were thinking about naming, rebranding and label design, talented entrepreneurs resorted to the simplest solutions, drawing labels almost on their knees. But simple is not always good.

бандерівська ковбаса дизайн етикеткиWell, it says "Banderivska"? That's all! Why should you write "Moscovska" and then cross it out? Such adaptation for the consumer?

Dear manufacturers, why should you stick such strange labels with bizarre designs, identical names and mistakes in the texts on your products? You can manage this issue qualitatively, quickly and not for all the money in the world.

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