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украинская этикетка 2019

We hasten to share the good news of joy with you, friends!

On March 20, 2019, the Chacha Gold label, designed by a professional team of designers, technologists, and prepress experts of the Modern Design Technologies (TCD Company) won Ukrainian Label – 2019, a prestigious contest, in the Self-Adhesive Label nomination.

This label is printed on special paper that’s solidly suitable for labeling of wine and strong alcoholic beverages. We have applied gold foil hot stamping technology and screen varnish in flexographic printing.

The aesthetic appearance, as well as the impeccable quality of the label, has been praised by contest judges noting the unique features of its design, namely an atypical die-cut configuration resembling the mountain outlines, and a laconic style highlighting the purity of the actual product.

Ukrainian Label – 2019 is an annual all-Ukrainian contest to determine the best label products held under the auspices of the Packers Club of Ukraine, the editorial office of the magazine ‘Upakovka’, and Kyiv International Contract Fair, LTD.

We are encouraged by our win and aimed at further fruitful work on this issue.