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Life is an evolving process, and the design of even the most robust developing companies will need to be updated as times change. What would this entail? There are some ways to amend a pre-existing corporate image of a company, for example, either radically to update the corporate identity, to make minor adjustments to the elements of corporate identity (visit cards, blanks, etc.), or to redesign the label or packaging of the product.

So, let’s try to unravel the mystery of rebranding wondering why and when the design needs to be changed.

Signs the design needs an update 

Put bluntly, the changing the corporate image of a company, the so-called rebranding, is completely unnecessary. There are actually a lot of companies of global stature and great history, the identity of which has hardly changed since they’ve launched. So it is probably not worth starting a rebranding of the company just because it is so trendy. Let alone this idea if there are no assumptions and the urgent need to change anything. However, never lose a chance to revitalize your brand. So how do you know when the time for change has come and you need to update your design?

redesign label

1. Renew your trademark 

When registering a trademark, make sure in advance that its image is done professionally. A trademark should not resemble an existing one, contain known registered symbols, and be misleading. The image of the trademark must be clear and adapted to various media.

A new trademark is one of the opportune moments for updating the brand. It’s a great option to improve the corporate identity, to restyle the identity, or to redesign the existing labels or packaging when designing a new trademark.

2. Update the design for the advertising campaign 

The launch of an advertising campaign is associated with conducting marketing research and developing an effective strategy for promoting a brand or product. Take a comprehensive approach to this action. It may turn out that it would be useful to change something in the existing design in order to refresh it and make it more relevant.

An advertising campaign involves the production of a variety of visual material which contains elements of your corporate identity. It’s important that they look equally good on all media starting from banner up to the label, from billboard up to Smartphone screen. Take this opportunity to improve the overall identity, make it more expressive, and innovative.

label design

3. Use redesign to draw attention to your company at business events 

If your company is about to participate in a serious event, we advise you to renew reflection on how your corporate identity is suitable for stall design, printing advertising materials as well as how competitive the design of labels or packaging for your goods is.

Global conferences and major exhibitions are organized in order to look at others and prove yourself. This is a great reason for design updating that will lead to positive image changes and further business development.

4. Franchise and rebranding 

Launching a franchise is another great reason to renew your corporate identity. It is necessary to act here carefully and reasonably in order to preserve the company’s recognition and continuity. But certain changes are likely to be needed. After all, your business is expanding its boundaries and reaching a new level now. The design should reflect these changes by becoming more versatile and unifying.

5. Redesign to boost sales 

Label or packaging updates will increase consumer interest and demand for the product. Our successful experience in this sphere shows that high-quality redesign really gets good results.

We have completed orders for redesigning labels and packaging on several occasions and can expose some details. Here are some tips to make the new design a favorite among the buyers and a real selling one:

  • Nice presentation of the product. An appetizing image of a product or a dish with this product causes the instinct desire to taste it in a buyer.
  • Enlarge the manufacturer’s logo. This option increases consumer confidence in the brand.
  • Link a product and its position in one subcategory. As an option, place the product name and its definition in the same color field (for example, hunting sausages and semi-smoked sausage).
  • Improve readability. All information on labels and packages must be highly visible and clear to a buyer.

The design studio’s goal is to carry out the redesign professionally and creatively combining harmoniously the wishes of the customer and the requirements of the market. Change must necessarily lead to a better result.

product label

Time to change a design has come! 

Redesign or rebranding can be caused by a state of necessity to change something in legislation or a structure of your business. Updating information, titles, and images will obviously entail adjustments to the design and, in some cases, the corporate identity.

If you are committed to doing your utmost to project your brand in a new light and expect positive change, if all calculations and intuition suggest that time to change the design has come, do it as best as you possibly can.

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