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Commercial redesign allows you to shake the buyer and revive interest in the company, brand, products.

When is a redesign needed?

The need for redesign is worth considering when:

  • Consumers are sluggishly reacting to the brand;
  • Corporate identity radically lagged behind life;
  • Everything is fine, but there is an opportunity to do better;
  • You feel that the time has come for a change.

The reason for the redesign may be a change in the direction of activity, the composition of the company’s board, and the receipt of investments, which entails revolutionary changes in the marketing strategy. The emergence of new trends, technologies, the launch of an advertising campaign, even the change of seasons may necessitate adjustments to the existing design.

1. Corporate identity redesign

The corporate identity update can be global, or it can affect individual elements: symbols, fonts, sizes or details of the logo or images, colors. It is not necessary to change the foundations and traditions. If the construction of the business is strong, it’s enough to refresh the facade in order to declare itself with new strength.

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2. Website redesign

Visual identification has a big impact on the business. This is especially evident in the digital space. Do not forget that your online audience is constantly evolving. She receives a lot of information, searches for what interests her and compares what she has found. And if your site is behind the level of competitors, be sure your customers will be lured.

Adapted design, modern layout, unique content, high-quality photos, animation – your site must meet the requirements of the time. The appearance of the site should work for you, attracting users and increasing conversions.

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3. Packaging redesign

 Packaging redesign helps to solve many strategic tasks:

  • Support the brand and bring sales to a higher level.
  • Contribute to the success of the brand in new markets;
  • Attract additional target audience.

Sometimes it’s enough to replace the picture on the package so that the product is perceived differently. The redesign allows you to maintain a tolerant attitude of customers and, at the same time, show that the brand cares about them and strives for excellence.

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Order a redesign in the design studio TSD

If you plan to make changes in the corporate identity of the company, to make the site design more modern, and the packaging more interesting and attractive, we will help you with this.

You can order a redesign right now by leaving an online application or by calling us on the phone. If you are interested in redesigning the price, you can also calculate the approximate cost of the project on our website.