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Shopping in a store, our view often dwells on a beautiful box of sweets or cookies and we have the urge to buy it immediately, although we haven’t any plans to get this product at all. Have you any idea what’s causing such an urge?  What’s the secret to a sweets packaging attraction that drives you mad making you forget about everything? It’s all about a selling package. So, what is it?

The general packaging requirements for confectionery products

Packaging for confectionery products is not just an important container for a product, it’s a mandatory one. Under Ukrainian law, the sale of food must be carried out in packaging unless other special conditions are provided.

The packaging protection is of great importance for the product: it protects sweets from the effects of the external environment and during transportation without spoiling and/or breaking for the consumer.

High standards are required for the packaging safety and properties that affect the quality and taste of products. The certified materials confirming their suitability for the manufacture of food packaging and labels should be used in packaging manufacturing for confectionery products.

The information content of packaging for confectionery products is also essential. It should contain the necessary information about the product and the manufacturer.

The aesthetic appearance of packaging is a significant option for the target segment. Packaging for confectionery products should make people feel good because as it is known sweets are grand occasions to joy. So, the creation of such a box-like container is real art.

And the major trigger of such a container lays in the fact that it should be a selling package! The perfect packaging for sweets is a delicious treasure trove to grab customer’s attention where goodies look even more appetizing and desirable. You can’t resist buying such a nice box, can you?

упаковка кондитерских изделий

Secrets of a selling package for confectionery

What is a selling package design for confectionery? It’s a perfect design of the box-like container attracting the buyer through its appeal and absolutely motivating him to make a purchase.

The main important marketing tools to pay attention to when designing a packaging for confectionery products are as follows:

  • Concept. Unique, creative, and stylish packaging for sweets is no doubt a dream of both buyer and seller. A good design concept is half the battle. The ultimate success depends on proper marketing including design development and technical implementation.
  • Color. A selling package should look, let’s say, ‘tasty’. Although the color-dividing into ‘edible/inedible’ is a rather arbitrary choice, it’s obviously worth avoiding shocking combinations. Unlike other product groups, the shock effect for confectioneries is a bad idea that can cause sales plummeting.
  • Design. The modern printing equipment affords very significant opportunities for the interesting design of product packing. The use of various types of post-printing processing significantly increases the attractiveness of packaging for sweets. Gold or silver foil stamping, embossed texture, die-cutting, and other modern printing options allow us to get an excellent and unique design of a selling package for confectionery.
  • Information. There must be sufficient info about the product onto a selling package for confectionery but no frills. If the dimensions of the candy package don’t make it possible to insert all the necessary information, use the multilayer labels.

дизайн купаковки

The design of packaging for sweets should be reasonably colorful and draw consumer’s attention emphasizing the beauty of confectionery masterpieces.

When designing packaging for confectionery products, the preferences of the target audience should be taken into account. The child will be delighted with the cake in a bright colorful box decorated with cute animals or heroes of his favorite cartoons and topped with a beautiful bow or a nice ribbon. Lovers of an eco-style and a healthy diet will have more confidence in modest packaging made of kraft cardboard tied with twine.

A selling package design by TCD Company

If you’re a confectionery business owner and think you need to design or to renovate your packaging or maybe you want to make your confectionery products stand out from any other similar products or to initiate sales, please contact us. We offer a variety of services ranging from logo design to label and packaging design. We are experts in making packaging and the client brands more popular and profitable.

A selling package designed by TCD Company is capable enough to draw customer’s attention towards it, to boost sales, and consequently, to build brand equity.