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Branding and logo design – how to catch inspiration?

How does creating a logo start? From thought, search, enlightenment. It is a creative process that results in a unique and strong design. So you can’t do without inspiration here. But inspiration is capricious – sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Your customers will not wait for it to appear. Today we share experiences on how to combine professionalism and creativity by creating a logo.

Logo design: secrets of finding ideas 

A logo is a visual representation of a brand. An image that forms a strong association with a company or brand. The task of a branding agency is to create an expressive, memorable logo. How to do it from scratch? Where to look for ideas?

Information is the basis of branding

When designing a corporate identity and creating a logo, it is desirable to get as much information as possible. The history of the company, its philosophy, development plans – all this will help inspire you to an idea that will move in the right direction.

For example, the idea of ​​designing the logo of the automobile concern Mitsubishi was based on the association of family coats of arms of its founders. The golden rays of the Mercedes-Benz logo symbolize the plans to conquer three elements – earth, water and air.

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Logo design ideas: we are inspired by the best

In search of ideas for branding and logo development, explore the rich expanses of the Internet, explore specialized resources, read books, learn about the world around you. Do not limit yourself to professional interests, go to related fields.

View works by designers and artists. Maybe in them you will find something that will inspire you to create a logo. Stay up to date with new trends, remember the classics.

Pay attention to the corporate symbols of companies of similar size and scope. You can act on the principle of exclusion, rejecting the superfluous and generating the opposite.

And no matter what you work on, be it a logo, packaging design, self-adhesive label, sticker or sticker, the principle is the same. Search everywhere, absorbs better, create something unique!

Logo design: a guide for yourself

Another invaluable source of ideas for graphic design is your unrealized achievements. You may find a rational grain in them. View your records, thumbnails, and work archives. And even if you don’t find anything interesting, the search itself can be a stimulus for inspiration.

Draw, play with keywords, images and color. Creating a so-called mind map can be useful for creating a logo. Gathering all your findings on one sheet, combine the incompatible, compose similar. Visual presentation of information will lead you to the goal faster.


There are situations when inaction becomes the optimal strategy. When working on creating a brand, do not fuss, clutching at any idea. Give your brain a rest. Maybe you just need a reboot. Do things that are not relevant to the current project.

Chatting with friends, going to the movies, theater, going on a trip or traveling can do wonders. And if you can’t afford a vacation, pay more attention to other work. Relax and then return to the difficult task with new strength.

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