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The design of the Olympics logo changed dramatically from game to game and reflected the most important trends of its time. The best, most talented specialists were involved in creating a corporate style of a world-class sporting event. The identity of the Olympic Games accumulated ideas, styles and technical possibilities, often ahead of time and setting the vector of design development for the following years.

olympic design

1912 – graphic design and the first advertisement of the Olympiad

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by the rapid boom of social, political and economic life. These processes found a way out in an unprecedented outbreak of interest in art.

During the V Summer Olympics in Stockholm in 1912, a special competition was organized for the first time. It featured works of painting, architecture, literature and music dedicated to the Olympic movement. It was then that the first official advertisement for the Olympic Games appeared. All proposed versions of advertising posters were carefully studied by an authoritative commission consisting of well-known Swedish artists.

As a result, the work of Olle Hortsberg won. His poster depicted an athlete around whom the main idea of ​​the Olympic movement was concentrated – the peaceful coexistence of peoples and the perfection of body and spirit.

olympiad logo

1920 – creation of a corporate identity with the Olympic emblem

An important milestone in the development of graphic design can be called the creation of a corporate identity of the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp with the image of the famous emblem. Five intertwined multi-colored rings, symbolizing peace and friendship of all continents, have become a symbol of the Olympic movement.

1964 – Graphic design reaches a new level

The Tokyo Olympics opened up a wide range of graphic design opportunities and took it to a whole new level. The identity of these competitions, created in the conditions of unprecedented technological and economic rise, was characterized by a pronounced minimalism. Therefore, the world appreciated the conciseness and incredibly strong energy of the logo design developed by Yusaku Kamekura. The sun rising over the Olympic gold rings has become an unconditional symbol of the Japanese miracle.

logo design


1968 – Experimental design of the Olympic logo

The identity of the Olympics in Mexico City reflected the psychedelic experiments of the 1960s, which were then characteristic of all fields of art. The logo and corporate identity were designed by a team led by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez. It had a peculiar range of colors and a hypnotic play of lines.


2012 – development of a logo in an abstract style

The design of the logo of the Olympic Games in London was remembered by abstract graphics and color combinations. In its silhouettes you can see the famous landmark of Great Britain – the London Eye, the silhouette of a man, and the outlines of the letters. First of all, this is a good example of creating an eye-catching and recognizable logo.

 identity and logo

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Nowadays, graphic design is going through another stage of its development. The emergence of new technologies and the constant search for fresh ideas move it forward. Thus, the functions and areas of application are expanding. Modern tools and knowledge allow you to perform design work even faster, brighter and more stylish.

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